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Meet the eyes behind the Lens!

Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

David Ford powers through the spray on the Beijing White Water course during the Olympic Games.

It's your chance to meet us and hear our stories. Four of us will be speaking and showing off some of our work at the Photographic, Video and Digital Imaging Show at the International Centre this weekend.

I will be speaking about a project on recovery after burns and also will show some of my pictures from the Olympics.

Rick Madonik will talk about covering conflict in Afghanistan and follow it up with battling Toronto traffic to cover our day-to-day assignments here in Toronto.

Jim Rankin will give you the confessions of a two-way, a reporter/photographer at the Toronto Star. Jim will also present on Multimedia and as a co-author of the Toronto Star Photography Code of Ethics he will talk about the ethics of photoshop use.

Richard Lautens will speak about getting more meaning into your photography. How to make that picture of grandmother say something about who she is!

The Speaker Schedule for the Toronto Star Booth (booth #17, near the back of the hall).


Some of my Olympic Pictures,

Keith Beavers starts in the semi final of the 200 metre backstroke at the Beijing Games.

The moon rises over the Bird's Nest and Water Cube in Beijing.



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Great presentation at the photography show today. I am wondering how long do shutters and storage media devices last for you.

Hi Jim,
I've been pretty lucky, I've never burned through a shutter even though I've have a lot of clicks on each camera.
But in the 11 years I have been digital I've had five different generations of digital cameras.
As for storage, on the work side, I carry around a 500 GB portable HD for stuff that I haven't archived yet or for ongoing projects.
We dump all our "outs" onto a big huge mega HD at work.
Personally at home I burn most of the stuff to DVD for stroage along 1 TB drive that I use for Time Machine and to back up some more files that I don't want on just on DVD. Those files are also on an old 250 GB drive.

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