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Wednesday October 28, 2009.

As promised here are some more Metallica pics.



Love the stance.

More James.


Robert Trujillo


Saw this photo after i had gone through my edit again. I quite like it.


Carlos Osorio

Staff Photographer

My ears are still ringing from the Metallica show last night (in a good way)!! These guys know how to get it done. Out of all of the concerts I have ever been to at the ACC this one had the loudest and definitely most fierce crowd!

They had a team of security guards around the stage trying to contain the mosh pit and the people who flew out of it!.  Awesome show! (Read Ben Rayner's review.)


James Hetfield


Kirk Hammett


Crowd Surfing


I think these guys might of been saying  " YEAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"


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Great pictures but only 4? (only two if you're only counting pictures that people care to see) Doesn't exactly capture the night. A few more would be appreciated.

you're correct, they were saying "YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Wow! TWO pictures that covered half of the band and two pictures of the audience. The word "generous" barely begins to describe this comprehensive photo blog!!

i was there - these are great pics - more please

On Monday and Tuesday were the most amazing nights as Metallica played my favorite songs, I had seen metallica in Los Angeles and San Diego in the 90's I know that they had their ups and downs after the 5 year rest They took before making Load. Metallica was put in as a lost band but as you saw and heared, Metallica still rocking hard and no matter what the fans are the #1 and as always they love to interact with fans and media.

You can see they really care for every one around them even know they may be really tire and bitten they know how to make you welcome and exited to meet them or seen them on stage. I have followed Metallica since I was 7 Years old by starting with the Ride the Lighting and An Justice For All, with Kill'm all and Later with the Black album.

Metallica has fought hard and claim the top once again, James, Lars, Kirk and Rob you guys rock keep going for another 20 more years.

Just a quick note Kirk your guitar playing was beyong perfect and electric the Canadian Filipino community was looking at the most succesful AMboy playing in Canada.


Hello. I will try and post some more photos today. Remember though. Only 3 songs. Also when shooting for the paper im not concern about getting a great shot of every member of the band. For example - Lars- I might of shot 2 or three frames of him and thats it.

Great photos Carlos. Are you portuguese too ?

As a 39 year old mother of 3 who bought my boyfriend and I tickets for his birthdays (for the rest of his life),, we had an absolutely fantastic time. It was soooo entertaining, and had near flawless execution. The effects were amazing, the band worked the crowd in a way that was far more mature than the former days of "show us your t**s". Neat to see moms and dads there with their kids, too. LOUD tunes, great times. Could only have been better if they played "Whiskey in the Jar". From the balcony, I can say that the balls at the end looked REALLY COOL. I enjoyed your pictures and really dig the "dark one" of James.

This was one of the crazyest shows I've seen. I have seen Metallica 8 times, and been on the front rail for 4 of them. The crowd where I was (where the body surfer pic was taken, I'm actually under him somewhere in there) was just nuts...almost too much for my wife but we managed. Not sure how the rest of the floor was but if it was 1/2 this much all over it was the best crowd in a long while. Didn't make it out with a beach ball but we did get some guitar pics.

Big thanks to teh security guys too! you guys rock.

The the crowd surfing pic

So, back in the '80s, when Metallica was relevant... They handed out tapes, told people to give copies to their friends, actively pushed these albums. They were about anti-establishment and the music. Then they suddenly got popular... made tons of cash...

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