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Picture editing

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer




Wednesday nights’ Season Opener for the Raptors showed just how subjective photography is. What one person likes, another may hate. What a photographer might think about a particular image can be seen differently not only by the public at large, but by editors also.


Carlos Osorio and I both staffed the game. The Raptors have a host of new ballplayers and the NBA continues to be a strong draw in Toronto. Its not unusual for two photographers to be assigned to certain games, and this usually rates as one of those situations.


The most interesting aspect, for me, was how our pictures were used. Before the pages for the paper closed Wednesday night (or Thursday morning) it seemed like the Sports department gurus adored what I sent in and didn’t take a shinning to young Osorio’s offerings. Sometimes that happens, and I have certaintly been on the receiving end of working all night and getting nothing in the paper. It happens.


When the web put up a gallery a little later in the evening, there was retribution for Carlos. It was his images, plus a few from the wires, which made the gallery. Carlos owned the gallery, and I owned the paper.


With Jose Calderon’s final seconds heroics (he was fouled as he went to the hoop hard) which helped seal the win, the frame Carlos snapped of Calerdon screaming following the foul is intense. I thought his frame would surely make the paper. Sadly, neither the paper nor the web used it, so I’ve included here for you to see.

CO-RapsVCavs01 Carlos Osorio

Carlos Osorio

Carlos Osorio


Rick Madonik


Rick Madonik


Rick Madonik



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Loved your photos, Rick. What lens did you use? Great shots! You captured great impressions on the players' faces!

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