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Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

Last week I blogged about the Leafs, it is only fair that I take this week to talk about the Raptors.

Of the professional sports here in town, basketball has to be my favorite.

It is a fast game and offers players sporting little equipment, a small field of play and loads of action. But the big reason is that the Raptors have two of the players league that are very expressive, Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon.

CB4 is already in mid-season facial expression form!

While hockey and basketball are both very fast sports, I like sitting on the baseline, you are way more into the game then when covering hockey through a small hole cut into the glass.


Kevin Garnett encourages his teams defence after being pulled in a preseason game Boston won.

You hear what the players are saying, what the bench is yelling, how the players argue a call and what the referees say when they huddle to discuss a call. You hear good hecklers and bad hecklers. You get to hear Raptors Super Fan Nav Bhatia chirp at the visiting bench. Sometimes you get a touch and sometimes my daughter gets to see me on TV.

Chris Bosh forces Marquis Daniels to dish off the pass instead of shooting.

The news paper is made to display basketball pictures, players well over six feet tall that shoot or jump at a basket that is ten feet off the ground is the perfect recipe for a vertical picture. The new media that we feed, including this blog is much more horizontal friendly and that has us thinking constantly about how to get pictures that fit that frame.

It's not easy.

Hopefully the Raptors make things more difficult for opposing shooter this season.

Here are some pictures from my first Raptors game of the season

And because of the nature of our job, earlier in the week I was supposed to shoot the Raptors but got called off to shoot a fashion show! Amazing enough, it moves just as quick back stage and on the runway.



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