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a quiet, yet tasty afternoon...

Richard Lautens, Staff Photographer

Wednesday of this week I had a lovely piece of apple schnitz pie.  I realize this is not a deep insight into photojournalism but it was really good pie.

The baker is Elizabeth Allingham and she lives several hours north of the city.  I went to her house to work on a story about fertility (the story will be out sometime in the next few weeks, written by reporter, Megan Ogilivie). 

To backtrack, I had arranged to have Ryerson Journalism student Matt Llewellyn shadow me for the day.  It was quiet but we were sent up north of Shelburne for the fertility story.  As soon as we entered the house, Elizabeth offered the fresh pie.  Being a ‘pie guy’ I accepted immediately.  We sat and chatted in her kitchen overlooking the woods as we all got comfortable with each. 

It was a lovely afternoon and the photos worked out very well and I am looking forward to seeing the story in print.  The Allinghams could not have been more hospitable and made my job so much easier.

What I hadn’t particularly noticed was that student Matt had been shooting photos the whole time.  Within hours of finishing the assignment and driving back, Matt had downloaded, selected and enhanced his photos and had already posted a video slideshow online.

To check out his behind the scenes photos, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-vICCDFaAI&fmt=18




Student Matt is seen on the left, Elizabeth’s sister Jaime is in the middle, 4 month old Caleb is in the arms of mom and pie maker, Elizabeth.


Richard Lautens/Toronto Star




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Love this backstory and Matt's photo essay is excellent. Good use of music to pull it all together into something greater than the sum its parts.

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