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Carlos Osorio

Staff Photographer.

Angel Wolfe is the 16-year-old daughter of one of the Robert Pickton's victims and is now living in Toronto. STORY HERE.


I was to meet her at a Starbucks in the Eaton Centre but I knew that a mall was not the type of photo I wanted. I arrived half an hour earlier and looked around for a suitable place for a portrait. I chose the church on the west side of the mall as it provided some neat backgrounds to work with. I met Angel and asked her if she would like to accompany me outside in the rain for the photograph. To my surprise she said yes. I felt relieved as I really didn't have a plan b.

I got to work setting up my lights while Angel waited in a doorway trying to keep dry. I set up a light behind giving her a rim and a light high above pointing down. 

I think the photo turned out fine. Both lights helped light the rain. I was shooting from below eyeline and for one frame Angel happened to look up and I think it made the best one.


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