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Slow day on the beach

Richard Lautens, Staff Photographer

With a slow day earlier in the week, it was once again time to go on a feature hunt. 

When I head out looking for pictures between other assignments, it is great to have a sense of what I am looking for. It seems simple enough but unless you know what you are looking for in a photo, you are unlikely to know when you have found it!

Heading out the other day, I had the idea of looking at the new leash-free zone in the Toronto Beach area.  It was a cold day and few people were on the beach.

I saw the one guy playing with his dog. Fortunately the tonality of the sky, water and sand were similar and I really liked the uniformity of the look.





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This picture is playing mind games with me.
What is the dog going after?

very nice Richard, it works for me!!! :-)

Sorry to cause the distress! the dog is chasing a bird who came down just out of frame.

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