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Carlos Osorio - Staff Photographer

Whenever Vince Carter comes to Toronto you know you are in for a treat. It usually involves him feeding of all the boos in the crowd and having a good game and therefore giving the photogs good photos. 

As soon Vince touched the ball the boos rained down from all over the arena. At one point I saw him chirping back and forth  with a guy in the crowd. I really think he likes playing here under that kind of atmosphere.

Carter and Bosh before the game. 


Carter shooting while being watched by Bosh.


At one point a ball went out of bounds and almost hit 2-year-old Maia Simmons. Vince went over to check that she was ok.

After the game Vince signed some autographs for the fans. When finished he started to take of his jersey and I heard people screaming for it but Vince just took it off and walked towards the locker room. I heard him say 

"They say i suck but they want my jersey, which one is it?"


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