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A feel good hockey game

Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

I cover a lot of different kinds of assignments for the paper.

I enjoy the variety of assignments and the challenges that each bring to me.

But every so ofter I get an assignment that just makes me feel good for the rest of the week.

Last Wednesday was that day, George Webster Public School, a school that has many children that are new to Canada or living difficult economic situations, fielded their first ever hockey team thanks to donations from the community and other groups like Roots and the Maple Leafs. 

They competed in their first competitive intra-mural game that Wednesday against the Adam Beck Bears.

A nice story, one that buoyed my spirits through the day.

Coaches and teachers giving kids the opportunity to play an organized sport.

Standing on the bench while the game was on, it was hard not to smile at the enthusiasm that they brought to the rink.

Even though they could not keep up with their opponents on the ice the team kept their spirits high by cheering throughout the game.

The other great aspect of the story was the Sportsmanship shown by their on ice rivals.

The Adam Beck Bears showed me that ten-year-olds have a lot of good moral character.

The Bears, a fast skating team, could have really taken it to the Wolverines.

But the kids had a heart, the passed the puck around until numbers were a little more favourable, they picked up sticks for their opponents and helped the new players to the game with positioning. 

Once the lead was 5-0 they switched goaltenders to make things a little more fair.

It was hard not to smile, a look at the way each team played really made you feel good.

Both teams had fun and took something special home from that game, as did I!

Jason James ties the skates and gives a little advice to Thaarini as the George Webster PS students have their first ever hockey team thanks to donations from the community and other groups.

The referee helps a shaky Jordan Jones Harten to his crease at the beginning of the game.

Coach Jason James gives Ludridge and Harris some instruction between shifts.

Parent Asma Medina, who took the day off work takes on the roll of trainer making sure that the team has some water between shifts.

Goalie Jordan Jones Harten makes a stop on a Adma Beck player.

The George Webster Wolverines prepare to pose for a team picture after their first game.


 Makenna Childs shows off the puck that she scored the first goal for George Webster PS.

The Toronto Star story on the kids



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What a great story!

Great story and pictures :)

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