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A1 + B1 + S1 = Hat trick!

Steve Russell/Staff Photographer

I know I should not take so much delight out of the fact, especially since all the pictures aren't barn burners.

But walking out to the front step today and opening the paper to see that I made the Front page and Business front as well as the Sports front brought a smile to my face. Love it three assignements and three fronts.

What made it especially sweet was that the second assignment was in Burlington after 5pm and I made back to catch most of the Raptors game.

The Business front

My first assignment of the day, the Toyota recall, I was sent to a local dealership, as CITY TV filmed I waited in their waiting area just as a new item about the recall came on. Not the greatest picture by far but, it does illustrate the story.

 The second assignment.

Toyota recall redux, I arrived at work and filed the businedd pictures and was told that the Raptors game might be a no-go. We were waiting until 5 pm for a woman in Burlington to get back to us on a time for a picture. She had cracked up her Toyota and had something to say about her ordeal with Toyota and insurance. When you are downtown and hear that an assignment might happen in Burlington is a photographers traffic nighmare. I left as soon as I could, even before the assignment was firmed up.

We had hoped she would have had pictures of the cracked up car, but she didn't.

The Toyota Story is here

I filed from the parking lot of her building, gotta love the iPhone!

As I drove back to Toronto and pulled into the lot at the Star, I listened to the Raptors and Heat tip-off.

I knew I was going to catch most of the game.

The third assignment.

While showing up to the game is less than ideal, my prefered photo spots might have someone in them, you don't get the chance to prewrite captions and player names to speed up the workflow for the halftime file, I was happy with my results.  

More pictures from the game



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