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Figure Skating Office

Richard Lautens, Staff Photographer

A quick piggy-back on Steve Russell's post about figure skating.

I was in London for just the first day of the Canadian Figure Skating Championships and Steve did the last two days.  There are wonderful pictures everywhere you look. 

They are long days for the photographers and like always, we are constantly fighting the clock.  Deadlines loom over us all the time at the Star. 

When I first started at the paper, we had 6 printed editions a day.  That means 6 deadlines a day for getting in the latest news.  Now we have but one printed edition but with the emphasis on thestar.com, we now have deadlines every minute.

Occasionally we use our iPhones to snap a quick photo and email it to the office to be dropped online in the middle of shooting with our 'real' cameras.  Most often we will shoot an assignment and then drop it onto our computers and then send the photos that way-slower but much better quality.

At the Figure Skating Championships, many of us set up beside the ice so we could shoot a skater and as we are waiting for marks, we would turn around, copy the pictures onto the laptop, perhaps send one and then shoot the next skater.

It doesn't sound that tiring but when you start shooting at 9:30am and the last skater is done at 10pm, it makes for a long day with little down time.

It is all about 'feeding the beast' however.


Photographers Paul Chiasson (left) of The Canadian Press and Mark Blinch of Reuters are seen filing photos between skaters.

One quick shout out to my friend and colleague, Star Photographer Lucas Oleniuk who has been doing an amazing job in Haiti-stay safe.

Richard Lautens/Toronto Star

For some photo tips, check out http://www.thestar.com/travel/columnists/542443--lautens-richard


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