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Guns N' Roses, Toronto

Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

They kept the crowd (and me) waiting over two hours, was it worth it?

For me, a dude from Sudbury, Ontario and not really a GnR fan, Yes!

These guys know how to light a stage and give some dramatic poses.

The two-and-a-half hour wait almost put the crowd to sleep though.

 Fans snooze while waiting over two hours for  Axl Rose and Guns and Roses to play their Chinese Democracy Tour at the Air Canada Centre.

A fan dances while waiting for Axl Rose and Guns and Roses to play.

Lead Guitarist DJ Ashba finally takes to the stage as  Guns and Roses play their Chinese Democracy Tour.

Lead Guitarist DJ Ashba and Guns and Roses play their Chinese Democracy Tour.

 Guns and Roses and Axl Rose play their Chinese Democracy Tour at the Air Canada Centre.

Guns and Roses and Axl Rose play their Chinese Democracy Tour at the Air Canada Centre.

Guns and Roses and Axl Rose and Lead Guitarist DJ Ashba kick it up a notch.

Guns and Roses' Richard Fortus and not Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal as I had originally named him rocks on. I blame GnR for the error, the two plus hour delay in starting numbed my brain. I regret the error!



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Great shots Steve, worth the wait.

I'd be interested to know how you feel about "rights grab" photo release contracts.

More and more bands these days are employing them (GNR, Them Crooked Vultures, Tool, etc) and forcing photogs to surrender their copyright in exchange for the priviledge to shoot.

I'm sure having the mighty weight of the Torstar lawyers behind you helps, but do those of us just starting out have any options?

last pics fortus not bumblefoot

Thanks for the heads up Jesse, A couple other people emailed me to that effect too.
I have corrected the caption!
Also, good question John,
Usually when the photo release includes a rights grab we simply do not shoot the show.
GnR's did not include a rights grab.
Just starting out, start shooting bands just starting out.
When I started at the Star it was common for there to be around 20 photographers at a show.
There were six last night.
You really have to have a big/popular publication behind you to shoot the huge shows.

Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing.

That's me with my wife in first picture... :)

Funniest part is that few minutes before you took that picture, this was our conversation:

My wife: "I don't know if I should do this, someone will take a picture of me sleeping..."
Me: "Don't worry baby, there are plenty of half naked girls around for them to take pictures of."
My wife: "Zzzzzz..."

Hahahahaaaaa... :)))

Excellent photos Steve !

Great pictures! I really think you have a talented team of photographers.

are an inspiration and a great happiness to all her fans

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