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Carlos Osorio - Staff Photographer

The earthquake in Haiti has dominated headlines for a week now and in that time some really amazing work has been produced.  When big stories happen photographers from across the globe fan out over the country and try to capture a little bit of what they see to share with the world.  At work I have access to many wire services where I am constantly looking at the photo feeds coming in. 

Here are some places you can see photos from Haiti.

Starting with our very own Lucas Oleniuk.

He is doing some really amazing work. 

Here is a link to a photo gallery with some of his work.

You can check out the Associated Press and Reuters photos HERE.

Getty Editorial is HERE.

Flickr feed.

Also. The major news organizations will have photo galleries online.


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Wow, come amazing shots, Lucas. Probably the most impressive I've seen on any news site or photosites. Keep up the great work!

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