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Vancouver bound

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

In nine days a bunch of us – in fact, one-third of the photo/multimedia staff – are headed to Vancouver to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics. The task of organizing the photo staff’s daily coverage of this colossal event falls to Richard Lautens – something he has happily accepted.


Back in Toronto, a team of five photo editors, and photo boss Ken Faught, will sort out the influx of images as they arrive throughout the day. With six photographers and one videographer filing multiple times a day, it will fall upon those good folks to edit down the best images - or most important – to fill the needs of the Star.com, as well as the News and Sports departments.


It promises to be long days for all involved. Personally, I’m hoping the southern BC mainland dries out a bit, and gets a little colder because my gear, and myself, work more efficiently in cold and flurries as opposed to warm and wet. Warm temps, and rain, could spell unending delays in getting some events in. The ski and snowboard events at Cypress Mountain (just north of Vancouver) are most at jeopardy. Whistler, on the other end, has been inundated with the most snow in 10 years. That too, can cause problems.


Richard’s undertaking, in my mind, is monumental. For us, he’s the pointy end of the stick. It’s his task to figure out daily assignments, liaise with Jim Byers (who heads up the reporters/writers and columnists), blog, and pick up cameras to shoot some of the unending events. Between, he has to figure out what practice sessions we have time to get to. It’s also his headache to choose when we double-team an event, or when we blow it off (which means we count on the wires to provide the images).


I enjoy working in this type of “team” environment, especially when the guy leading the charge is someone I have a lot of trust and respect for – and Lautens is one such person. Although I’m anticipating a ridiculous amount of hours worked, I’m also looking forward to feeling the energy of Canadians as our country celebrates the Games.


Below is a Master List of events both Byers and Lautens are using to figure out staffing responsibilities. Things are fluid and subject to change, but this is their starting point.

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Picture 5
Picture 6

Picture 7








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