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Grand to be in Vancouver

Rick Eglinton/staff photographer 

It's day five here at the Vancouver Olympics, and I woke up this morning just like every other day. Well maybe not quite, I actually slept through without being awakened by the pain in my joints. The Joy! of being the most Senior guy on the Star team. But then I got my big break! I looked at the on-line promotion for the "Stars" team of writers and photographers and there you have it. A group of guys with a lot less time on their clock, but a lot less hair on their heads. Lifes not so bad after all. And don't worry Rosie I wasn't talking about you. But all joking aside, I wouldn't want to be any other place right now, (Accept with my lovely wife "Anita") .

Having a fantastic time here in Vancouver
Rick Eglinton
Toronto Star/ CP Pool

Stay tuned for a more detailed blog to come where the past meets the present.


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