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In a split second

Bernard Weil, Chief Photographer/Multimedia

Everything here happens fast and in a split second. Capturing that moment is what I try to do. Here's a few images from the last day to illustrate that point.

Mellisa Hollingsworth is in perfect form as she speeds down the start during her first of four runs in the women's skeleton competition.

Peter Fill, of Italy, wipes out on the last gate during the men's super G competition. 

How do you stop a speeding skeleton rider? Track workers had to place foam mats at the end of the run to slow down speeding racers. Here, Canadian Michelle Kelly's finishes her last of four runs in the women's skeleton competition. 

The Russian team of  Michael Kuzmich and Stanislav Mikheev blast trough the rings during the 2nd run of the two man luge competition.


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Amazing photos. This is a great blog.

Perhaps having a skull on your helmet is not the most appropriate decoration or bode well for the intelligence of the wearer...
Personally, I would think (especially in the light of recent tragedy), there might be a review on the soundness of the idea of hurtling down an ice run at 70+mph in nothing more than a leotard and eggshell.
Other high speed sports recognized the value of body armor, spine pads, approved full face helmets and even leathers decades ago.
They owe it to the people who care enough to want to see them come out of it alive and in one piece.

Great shots! Can you share some exif and camera info?

Please, the skull helmet has nothing to do with recent tragedy nor intellect. It's just plain fun. Relax. Great job on the photos btw.

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