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Indoors for the Opening Ceremony

Steve Russell, Staff Photographer

Last night was a first time for me at the Olympics.

In the four that I have covered I was finally shooting the Opening from in the Stadium.

I was in the Stadium in Torino, but, I was filing pictures for Bernard Weil and Tony Bock and not shooting.

The Opening is one of the most sought after tickets of the Games. This along with the three hour time difference makes it one of the most challenging assignments. When the Sports Section is planning to run a double truck (two-page) picture, well, that turns up the pressure again.

The show started at 6 pm, most photographers had staked out their positions at around 2 pm. Each photographer was ticketed for one seat. In that seat each photographer had a long lens on a monopod, a midrange zoom lens and maybe a wide angle lens as well. Also each photographer had their laptop with them so they could file on the fly. At the seat was also a thick binder that ran down the show. These were very cramped areas!

The binder is the most important thing at the seat, while we organize our gear and wait, we use it to plan our lens choices and look for that double truck picture.

We did not have to look far, we could see the ramp and the binder said it was only one snowboarder we knew we only had one shot at it. The question was, was there going to be pyro from the rings. I found a couple people that were at the rehearsal and said that it was going to be confetti!

The rest was just sitting and waiting and looking at the binder to look for windows to file in.

A snowboarder enters through the rings to greet the crowd during the Opening Ceremonies for  the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games at BC Place  in Vancouver.

Right after the flag raising I filed, as I resumed shooting I recieved a text from Photo Editor Ken Faught.

This text descibes our job to a "T". Great job! Now what can you do for me next?

The Opening flies by for us, between shooting, ingesting, editing and filing the next thing you know it is over and you are exhausted!

Georgian Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili is honoured during the Opening Ceremonies for  the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games at BC Place.

Lead by flag bearer Clara Hughes Canada enters during the Opening Ceremonies for  the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. 

Representatives of the Four Host Nations walk into the stadium.

Whales make their way across the stadium floor.

Spectators in white ponchos and waving flash lights take part in the Opening Ceremonies.

 Extreme sports are showcased  during the Opening Ceremonies.

Canada's Aboriginal cultures were honoured during the Opening Ceremonies.

Rick Hansen arrives at BC Place with the flame!

Wayne Gretzky with the flame, he would go on to light the outdoor cauldron.

Gallery of all the Star's pictures from the Opening



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LOVE that first picture of the snowboarding going through the rings, also love the one of Canada coming in! It's a great shot!

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