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More Early Mornings

Tara Walton/Staff Photographer

I'm not a morning person. Lucky for me, traveling three time zones west has helped ease the transition of waking up at the crack of dawn. Many people probably don't realize that being in a photo position for an event that begins in the early afternoon often involves an early start, a couple of trips on different shuttles, and a fair amount of caffeine.  All of this is of course well worth it. The early morning trips (when not snoozing) have lent themselves to some magnificent sunrises and there is the benefit of course of having a front row ticket to watching the best athletes in the world compete at the highest level possible.

This past Sunday was one of those great days that started incredibly early with a 5 am wake up call.  A couple buses and a few hours later I was at Cypress Mountain ready to cover men's ski-cross on what turned out to feel like a beautiful spring afternoon.  The sun was shining, the crowd cheering and the athletes tearing up the course with some spectacular mid-air collisions. 

Here's is a bit of what I saw...


6:15am - made it to my shuttle with 15 mins to spare.

Lucky for me there were plenty of seats available.



Making our way to Cypress the sun starts to rise.

7:30am - Finally at the media centre after making it through
security and hiking a fair distance to the media centre.


Spectators take to their seats for competition.


Stanley Hayer and Chris Del Bosco of the Canadian Men's Ski Cross team
take the chair lift to the top of the Men's Ski Cross Course.






Christopher Del Bosco of the Canadian Men's Ski Cross
team exits the course after crashing in the final race.



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One word to describe my feelings about the closing ceremony...disappointing!
Also, why the the Canadian Hockey Team not join in the festivities with the rest of the Canadian competitors? Are the hockey players more important than the other men and women who competed in the game??

You really caught the action in your photos! I love the third from the last.

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