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Olympic photo firsts

Tara Walton/Staff Photographer

The Olympics for me has been all about firsts.
Having been at the Star for only a few years, this is my first time ever at an Olympic games.

This is also the first time I have ever blogged. About anything. Ever.
This is the first time I've ever walked up a mountain. And the first time I've ever photographed any sort of skiing.
I take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in these freshman experiences. At a press conference the other day with the Canadian snowboarding team, one of the athletes spoke about the jitters associated with your first games - not knowing where to go, how things work etc…

Much of my experiences have been the same. Like the athletes who compete against each other, I find myself jostling for positions and in a way competing for the best spot, the best angle and the best photo with other media. For the most part, everyone is really helpful and I have a great group of colleagues who have been to many Olympics and have great insight to pass on. Much as I suspect the coaches and veteran athletes do with their rookie teammates.

For the past few days I've been photographing events at Cypress Mountain and so far its been a great experience. Here's a look at what I've shot.








TWblog08 wiping the window of the judges booth at Cypress Mountain

Tara Walton/Toronto Star


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Wow - awesome Olympic pix at Cypress Mtn! You captured the flavour of those events quite well. Congrats!

(And, you're in good company - TorStar has some of the best photogs in the business.)

I'm going to bookmark this site - look forward to seeing more from you and the other TorStar photographers.

Keep up the GREAT work...

(Thx to Randy Starkman for the heads-up on this site.)


sensationally beautfully pictures!

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