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Gold medals to diamonds

David Cooper, Chief Photographer

Whistler Olympic Park -Cross Country Gold for The McKeevers

This was a beautiful day on the trails. Seeing Brian and Robin McKeever win Gold in the Men's cross-country 20km Free - Visually Impaired race was inspiring. They were in a race by themselves. Completely in sync and flying as they circled the course four times. They made it look effortless as they skated on the flats in unison tightly together.

Brian McKeever #37, with his older brother, Robin McKeever, who competes as his guide, won Canada's first Gold Medal in the 20km Free at the 2010 Paralympics. 

Brian McKeever #37, with his older brother, Robin McKeever won Canada's first Gold Medal in the 20km Free at the 2010 Paralympics.

 Brian McKeever #37, the centre of a little contraversy at the Olympics follows he brother and guide Robin McKeever to Canada's first Gold Medal in the 20km Free at the 2010 Paralympics

Wheelchair Curling at the Vancouver Paralympic Centre

Next we finally got to Curling. I was very worried because of what I had heard from other photographers, namely that the pictures there were terrible. NO sweeping, NO hurry hard!

I was pleasantly surprised. The light was better than any curling rink I have ever seen. I was able to shoot 1,000 @ f/5.6 with the 500mm and the 1.4 converter = 700mm. Again thanks to the Canon Mark IV's. Swiss third Claudia Huettenmoser made a nice sequence of Facial expressions. Guess you can tell she missed her shot. Canada killed them 15-1 in six ends.

 Swiss third Claudia Huettenmoser delivers a rock in the early ends. Canada defeated Switzerland 15-1 after 6 ends in Wheelchair Curling at the 2010 Paralympics

 Canadian second Ina Forrest braced by Lead Sonja Gaudet delivers a rock in the early ends. Canada defeated Switzerland 15-1 

Sledge hockey at UBC Thunderbird Arena

Finally for our late night pleasure we covered Sledge hockey. These are as tough a bunch of athletes as I have seen in any sport. They hammer each other and then smiled and shake hands at the end. It is a very exciting game full of action crashes and great playmaking. The Canadian team gave me goose bumps just watching.

Canadian goalie Paul Rosen is bowled over by #17 of Norway Loyd Remi Johansen and #17 for Canada Jean LaBonte in the first. Canada trounced Norway 5-0 in sledge hockey 

Canadian goalie Paul Rosen is makes a big stop. Canada trounced Norway 5-0 in sledge hockey.

Greg Westlake #12 puts Canada up 2-0 with a blast past Norwegian goalie Roger Johansen, midway through the first period. 

Team Canada's #18 Billy Bridges tries to clear the puck away from #9 of Norway Morten Vaernes in the second period. 

Canadian fans cheers as Canada shut out Norway 5-0 in sledge hockey.

Nat Bailey Stadium home of the Vancouver Canadians

My favorite assignment without a doubt is covering the Blue Jays in Dunidin, Florida during Spring Training. This year I didn't manage to wangle my way there. I came to Vancouver for the 2010 Paralympics. The beautiful new building that houses the curling is right next to 59 year-old Nat Bailey Stadium. It felt very nostalgic to be at a minor league park at the winter games. The Weather got instantly warmer! The sun came out, and the coats came off. 

So Just like the Blue Jays …

There's always next year.

The right weather, the wrong coast, David Cooper and Dan Girard cannot find any Blue Jays at Nat Bailey Stadium. 



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