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Toronto High School Chess Championships

Bernard Weil, Chief Photographer

Fourteen junior and senior teams from eleven schools took part in the annual Toronto Secondary School Chess League Team Tournament on April 16. The winners will move on to the Ontario championships May 7-9 at University of Toronto. 

You could cut through the tension with a knife. Stuck in the library at Newtonbrook Secondary School, Toronto, it was a room full of brain power. At times, the loudest noise was my pesky motor drive. Using the Swiss system of play, each team was made up of five students.

It's a game I've always enjoyed with a measure of frustration. My colleague Steve Russell, who beat me almost every time during down time at the Sydney Olympics, can attest to that. 

Frank Wang of North Toronto Collegiate Institute, tries to manage the stress during a match against Abbus Abdul Hashim of Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute.

Yuanling Yuan, an international master from Victoria Park Collegiate Institute, studies her opponent's move during her match against Abbus Abdul Hashim of Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute.

 Jesse Wang, of Victoria Park Collegitae Institute, contemplates his next move.

The Parkdale Collegiate Institute senior team (top) squares off with players from Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute in the second round. 

Tenzin Thabkhae, of Parkdale Collegiate Institute (facing camera) and Michael Pu of Don Mills Collegiate Institute, play a round during a break between official matches. 

Naethren Moorthy of Parkdale Collegiate Institute, chows on lunch between matches.

Surrounded by books, competitors concentrate on their game.

To the victor goes the spoils.

Cornered and defeated. 

BW_Chess07blogA handshake ends the match. 



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Lol.... "A handshake ends a match >.< there are no pieces moved... are you sure it wasn't the start? :P

They reset the board before they shook hands.

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