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For Hedley The Show Must Go!

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

Canadian Band Hedley took to the stage at the Air Canada Centre last night.

Very fun to shoot, the band was beyond energetic, the stage was well lit and most importantly the music was at a half decent level!

The band recently played their hit song "Cha Ching" at the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. A local gig for them, they originated in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They are named for a nearby town that was for sale.

The lead singer, Jacob Hoggard, was top three on the second season of Canadian Idol. The rest of the band is Tommy Mac on bass, Dave Rosin on guitar and Chris Crippin on drums.

 He auditioned for Canadian Idol on a dare from his band, Jacob Hoggard finished third on season two.

While perfoming "Cha Ching" Jacob Hoggard leap off speakers stage left and right.

Some fans got the best seat in the house, standing room on stage for half a song!


Guitarist Dave Rosin works centre stage while Jacob Hoggard belts out the lyrics stage right alsong with thousands of fans.

 Jacob Hoggard and Hedley are currently on their "The Show Must Go Tour 2K10"

 Dave Rosin and Tommy Mac share some stage together.

Drummer Chris Crippin keeps the beat.

Jacob shows his high energy, if not,  slightly unorthodox stage dancing.

On bass, Tommy Mac backs up on vocals too.

Sr-hedley-18Jacob points out a fan.

Hedley had a Canadian number one song in 2005 with "On My Own"

 If you missed Hedley on the fifth in Toronto they have four dates left in Ontario, including April 13th in Hamilton.



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These are incredible images. I love concert photography and you've captured so many creative perspectives. I really admire your work!!

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