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Juventus versus AC Fiorentina

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

Juventus plays AC Fiorentina at the Rogers Centre, it was quiet, would have been nicer to have at BMO Field.

Juventus forward Alessandro Del Piero (10) is part of some wild rumors about TFC making a run at him, like I said WILD!

Harris Seferovic goes up against Goncalo Jardin Brandao as Juventus plays a friendly against Italian League rival AC Fiorentina at Rogers Centre.

AC Fiorentina midfielder Francesco Di Tacchio heads the ball.

 Juventus goalkeeper Alexander Manninger cannot get a hand on the first and only goal of the game by AC Fiorentina forward Stevan Jovetic as Juventus plays a friendly against Italian League rival AC Fiorentina. 

AC Fiorentina defender Ramzi Aya and Juventus forward Carvalho De Oliveir Amauri race for the ball. 

Juventus forward Alessandro Del Piero is upended by AC Fiorentina defender Lorenzo De Silvestri.

AC Fiorentina forward Stevan Jovetic battles Raffaele Alcibiade. 

Juventus forward Carvalho De Oliveir Amauri (11) reacts to getting fouled.

 Juventus goalkeeper Alexander Manninger lines up his wall before a free kick.

Juventus forward Michele Paolucci (27) is taken down by a pair of defenders, Daniel Kofi Agyei (26) and Marco Donadel (4)  

Juventus forward Alessandro Del Piero strips off his shorts for the fans after the game.

After having given away his jersey, shin guards and shorts AC Fiorentina forward Stevan Jovetic poses for a picture as Juventus loses a friendly against Italian League rival AC Fiorentina 1-0 at Rogers Centre.



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Great shots, too bad the atmosphere wasn't better.

I'm disappointed in the fact that the photo of the evening's goal scorer was not honoured with a photo of his face, let alone the fact that the momento for the ball boys of the striker that exhibited class on and off the pitch will be one of his behind.

I was behind Manningers goal, and This game was the worst I have ever seen(course I say that after almost every Juve game this season), but the atmosphere was HORRIBLE!!, and I think I heard a Juve chant that was taken out of the blue jays cheer book!. LET'S GO JUVE LET'S GO!!........WHAT THE F**K???. Not to mention the F**KING Geniuses who left the roof closed(malfunction ?), and let us all COOK inside the stadium. Funny how they were only selling Ice Cream, and Cold Beer???. After this game Juventus Will NEVER come back here, They Got booed by the fans(rightfully so), and The loudest the building got was when Del piero got sub off(after we nailed Zacc with Boo's and Whistles), and leaves Trezeguet in the bench in surely his last match for the team!. Man This team is a shell of what Juventus stands for, and Thank god Alex Del piero, and Stefan Jovetic were there to provide some class to a lifeless match. I also agree with the comment above, about Jovetic. He was class all evening, and with the fans. I like how I looked over at the dressing room when the 2nd half kicked off, and saw Diego leaving with a suitcase dressed in street wear, and left the stadium????. At least Grosso stayed, and sat in front of us to watch the rest of the match, and talk with fans.

Did you get any more shots of signs in the crowd? I heard there was a DP TO TFC? Sign... I would have liked to see a picture. Please let me know as I could use for my blog...and website.

people relax its a friendly that means jack!!!!plus its Italian teams who play snoring football!!!

To MJ, Stevan Jovetic got some love in the goal caption, I did not have a clear shot on him across the field and his jubulation was fairly tame, far away and not really in my direction. There is an action picture of a clothed Jovetic heading the ball about seven pictures down. But even without those pictures, the picture of him that ends the gallery of pictures, almost naked after having given everything to fans and still taking the time to pose with the ball boys says a lot about him!

To terry2shots, I was on the lookout for signs to that effect, the only one I found was the one leading off the gallery. I didn't really look at the crowd too much during the game. It was quieter that a Jays game, fans sitting on their hands isn't really a picture!

What you guys need to understand is that this was a friendly AFTER the season was over. It's hard to motivate anyone to play meaningless games at the end of the season, as they are not preparations for next season. We should be extremly thankful to the players that gave it all. Jovetic impressed me a lot! I always knew he was a good player, but he showed a lot more than that. I spoke to a lot of the players when they walked out of the tunnel. Fabio Grosso is really a class act, the guy was amazing and came and signed all our jerseys. Diego, Amauri, Grygera, Zacc, and Marrone also came and signed my jersey and a few others, but the one I drove 4 hours for, that of Alessandro Del Piero, didn't happen. He kept running by us, and just touching our hands. Would have loved his autograph, the guy is truly a legend! As for Trezeguet, Candreva and Manninger, they all walked right by us numerous times, and did not spare 30 seconds to sign a few jerseys.

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