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Six photographers to speak at the Toronto Photographic, Video and Imaging Show

Toronto Star photographers to present at the Toronto Photographic, Video and Imaging Show. May 14-16 at the International Centre at 6900 Airport Road in Mississauga.

Six photographers will speak on topic ranging from exposure to ethics to the olympics.

Here is our schedule and below is the topic each will cover.

Friday May 14 

11am - Richard Lautens 

1pm - Jim Rankin 

3pm - Steve Russell 

5pm - Rene Johnston

Saturday May 15 

11am - Rene Johnston 

1pm - Richard Lautens 

3pm - David Cooper 

5pm - Rick Madonik

Sunday May 16 

11am - Steve Russell 

12:30pm - David Cooper 

2pm - Jim Rankin 

3:30pm -Rick Madonik

The Speakers and their topics,

Rene Johnston

Lighting 2

Your expensive camera is dumb!

Rene will be giving a workshop on reflective light and incidental light and how it affects your photography. Rene encourages attendees to have their cameras ready for an interactive presentation to make images better through exposure.

David Cooper


What do a Newspaper Photographer and Jays' utility infielder Johnny Mac have in common? 

The newspaper photographer can do it all AND well AND on demand. That is our strength. Where as a specialty photog like a fashion shooter can planned for weeks to do a shoot, we need to be able to do it right now, in a half-hour, in an alley, in the rain, .....

Rick Madonik


"Themes"...... Olympics, Afghanistan, Sunnybrook, working on big projects for a paper.

Jim Rankin

 Travel photography, Photojournalism ethics and multimedia storytelling.

Richard Lautens


Friday he will be doing a talk on
 the Vancouver Olympics: a behind the scenes look at what it takes to photograph the Olympic Games.
On Saturday, he will be speaking about 
Photojournalism:  How to give greater depth to your photographs.

Steve Russell


The Vancouver Olympics and the day to day challenges as photojournalist at a big newspaper. 


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Excellent collection of photos.

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