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The enterprising pedestrian David Cooper

David Cooper - Chief Photographer

Walking to assignments is the best way to enterprise.

I almost always walk to assignments in the core of the city. From One Yonge Street I can generally be anywhere from University to Jarvis to Queen to the Lake in under 20 minutes. Parking inside that area can run you at least $20. It also can take you 20 minutes just to get rid of your car. Don't get me started on core gridlock! This is year round I'm talking, bad weather makes great pictures.

Yesterday on a beautiful day I was headed for a shoot at First Canadian Place (Bay and King). That is closer than most and way under the 20 minute mark. I headed up Yonge to Lakeshore and then cut through the parking lot across from the Air Canada Centre on Bay.

Picture One! A Black Hawks Flag on an SUV waving in the breeze in the face of the Maple Leafs! Struck me a ironic and a picture that could be used to advance  game Three of the Cup final that night.

Picture Two! As I approached King on Bay I noticed Litter bins lying on their sides. Two men and a pickup truck were collecting them. They are being removed in advance of the G20 for security reasons. After they are unbolted from the sidewalk the  anchor bolts in the cement are ground off flush so people won't trip on them. Putting them back will be a lot more work than taking them out!

When I came into the newsroom after the job I told assignment editor Mike Kelly about the Hawks flag and the Litter bins.

Just as I finished filing my two enterprise pictures Mike came back and asked if I could run up to Yonge and Front and make a picture of the power outage...

"As a mater of fact Mikey I shot that too! I just thought two enterprise shots were enough." 

Fastest news assignment completion on record.  

Picture Three! Returning from the assignment I headed to Yonge St for my walk  back to the Star. Yonge St was in total chaos. I congratulated myself again for not driving and contiinue south towards Front St where I found the traffic lights were out. Pedestrians, trucks, cars, bike and  even a Police motorcycle all trying to negotiate the corner without any help.

One Assignment  four Pictures, the fourth of course hasn't run yet.



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