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The Toronto Star Photo Department's June favourites.

A little late, but here are some of our favourites from the Month of June.

TARA WALTON - Residents of Leamington's Forest Ave. work together to clean up debris left behind from a violent early morning storm Sunday June 6, 2010, leaving millions in damages.  A state of emergency has been declared in the City of Leamington following a severe storm and possible tornado touchdown overnight on Sunday June 6, 2010.   The storm hit the city of about 30,000 residents southeast of Windsor around 3 a.m., downing trees and scattering debris along the lake shore.  No injuries were reported in the storm, but millions of dollars of damage have been estimated around the lakeside properties.

STEVE RUSSELL - June 4, 2010,   Gerry Tremblay has a smoke near the Copper Cliff Smelter entrance as picketers on the graveyard shift settle in as Vale and USW Local 6500 are to resume negociations in a strike that nears a year in Sudbury.

STEVE RUSSELL - June 5, 2010 A fox scrounges around at the Nickel refinery picket line as picketers as Vale and USW Local 6500 resume negociations in a strike that nears a year in Sudbury.  

RPJ SundayJays 05
RENE JOHNSTON - June 6 2010.   New York Yankees' manager Joe Girandi gets in the face of home plate umpire Bruce Dreckman after many close calls over the plate for strikes not in the favor of the Yanks  in Toronto on Sunday. He was tossed from the game.  

TONY BOCK - Demolition started on a historic three block section of Colborne Street in downtown Brantford.   Burlington painter Scott Anderson still has time to paint the streetscape, featuring the Esquire Theatre (left).  Demolion will not be complete until the autumn. 

RPJ KyleRae 05
RENE JOHNSTON - June 10 2010. Kyle Rae will be receiving Pride Week's Lifetime Achievement Award. We meet him in the heart of the gay community, which is in his riding and where his political career also took root, at the 519 Community Center in the Village.   

CARLOS OSORIO - June 11, 2010   A Toronto man, Azam Mahmood, who received emergency aid from the city after a 2008 apartment fire has been told by immigration that the benefit makes him ineligible to sponsor his Pakistani wife to Canada. 

RL mmva 0611 03
RICHARD LAUTENS - June 11, 2010 - Nicole Waskul 17 shows off her favourite band (hedley) and her desire to be part of the MMVAs. The Much Music Video Awards will be held this weekend.  Thousands started camping out to get into the MMVA in front of CITY TV at Queen and John thursday morning. 

BW01 Vuvuzela
BERNARD WEIL - Aaron Rothstein, of Guelph, plugs his ears as friend David Rubinger, of Winnipeg, blows a tune through a vuvuzela, June 15, 2010, at Dundas Square. The vuvuzela has become both a phenomenon and an annoyance during the World Cup soccer matches.  

TMT Feature 01
TANNIS TOOHEY - June 15, 2010. Tara Gardiner, 36, trains at swimming in openwater at Cherry Beach under the watchful eye of her coach Kelvin Landolt, as she trains to compete her first Ironman in August in Louisville, Kentucky. 

STEVE RUSSELL - June 16, 2010. Sam Relano walks his dogs Cosmo in yellow and Buckley outside the Rogers Centre.

BW01 SnowDog
BERNARD WEIL - Lily, a two-year-old Doodle (half Poodle, half Retriever), cools off on what is likely the only pile of snow in the city behind Moss Park Arena, Toronto. Ice cleaning machines dump the snow there throughout the day, providing a refreshing break for two and four legged locals. 

STEVE RUSSELL - June 17, 2010 Using a belt sander, Ted Heeley begins the transformation of former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso into the newly appointed Naoto Kan. Ted Heeley is the sculptor who is fixing the G20 heads and rushing to modify the head of the former prime minister of Japan to look like the new one. Oxfam uses these heads, made of fibre glass to make points for their cause during big summits.    

Blue Jays vs Giants
DAVID COOPER - June 19  2010.  The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the San Francisco Giants 3-0 in 9 innings on a strong 7 innings by Jays' starter Jesse Litsch. 

BW12 G20 062510
BERNARD WEIL - June 25, 2010. An RCMP officer is silhouetted through a fence on Front and Bay street.

STEVE RUSSELL - June 20, 2010. Ke$ha checks her look on arrival  on the red carpet at the Much Music Video awards at Much Music at Queen and John in Toronto. 

STEVE RUSSELL - June 20, 2010. Jacob Hoggard of Hedley plays the John Street Stage at the Much Music Video awards at Much Music at Queen and John  in Toronto. 

RICK MADONIK - June 20, 2010. Myle Cyrus performs on the main stage at the Much Music Video awards at Much Music.  

Poverty Toronto05
 LUCAS OLENIUK - Chris Romsky says he lives in a shelter near Sherbourne and Queen Street but is not sure which one.  He was photographed at the corner of Queen and Sherbourne.  

TARA WALTON - June 21, 2010. Carlos Ruaz, a garden volunteer, waters the flowers in the diversity garden behind Toronto's City Hall. 

Rm fishhead01
RICK MADONIK - June 21, 2010 -  Chef Nathan Isberg's fish head dish from The Atlantic on Dundas Street West.

RL golf 0622 01
RICHARD LAUTENS - June 22, 2010. Eight-months pregnant Ashley Crain tees off on the 5th hole. The first day of the Toronto Star Amateur Women's Golf tournament was held today at the Weston Golf and Country Club in the Islington and 401 area.  There was a slight rain delay in the morning but 8-month pregnant, Ashley Crain still managed to compete.  

Rm g20protest01
RICK MADONIK - June 22, 2010.  Street theatre happens in the intersection of Queen and University with a fishnet clad Stephen Harper. Queering the G20 protest which went from Yonge and Queen to Univeristy and Queen. Protestors represented Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered people.

TONY BOCK - Joe Carter and Charles Barkley on the driving range at the Joe Carter and Friends Charity Golf Tournament for The Children's Aid Foundation at Eagles Nest Golf Course in Maple. 

CARLOS OSORIO - June 23, 2010  RCMP officers are reflected in a mirror hanging on the G20 fence near Simcoe and Front street. 

Toronado damage in Midland women's Amateur women's Amateur women
DAVID COOPER - June 24  2010.  Cleanup begins in Smith's Trailer Park and Camp in Midland Ontario Thursday afternoon. A Tornado crashed through the large group of trailers in Midland Wednesday evening destroying numerous homes. Al MacDonald help search for valuables in his friend Lloyd Scott's destroyed trailer.  

STEVE RUSSELL - June 24, 2010. Over a thousand Native Rights advocates march and stop in in intersections along a protest march for native rights that snaked its way from Queen's Park to Allan Gardens in Toronto. 

TARA WALTON - June 25, 2010. John Fox of Ajax poses in Allan Gardens during a G20 demonstration.  "I am protesting....because I'm concerned about our young people, our children, and the policy of child welfare concerns me quite a bit."  Framed portraits of protesters taken in Toronto's Allan Gardens over the G20 Summit weekend to help illustrate the many faces of the "protester".  All subjects were asked one question. "Why are you protesting?" 

TARA WALTON - June 25, 2010. Pamela Marceau of Montreal poses in Allan Gardens during a G20 demonstration.  I am protesting because....."they're talking about women's health in Africa, I'm asking who are these men in ties to talk about women's health?  I want the women (of Africa) to speak for themselves and this is not what's happening right now in the G20."  Framed portraits of demonstrators taken in Toronto's Allan Gardens over the G20 Summit weekend to help illustrate the many faces of the "protester".  All subjects were asked one question. "Why are you protesting?"  

TMT G20security 6
TANNIS TOOHEY - June 25, 2010. A tourist places his camera through a small opening the in security fence to take a photo of the Mounted Police in riot gear as they prepare to go on patrol for G20 security. 

STEVE RUSSELL - June 25, 2010. The standing plan for the family picture is shown. Prime Minister Stephen Harper leads his counter parts, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy, Barack Obama, USA, Dmitry Medvedov, Russia, Dr. Angela Merkel, Germany, Nicolas Sarkozy, France, Herman Van Rompuy, European Council, Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission, Naoto Kan, Japan, and David Cameron, UK to the family picture as the G8 summit starts in Muskoka at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville.  

G20 protest
LUCAS OLENIUK - June 26, 2010. Anarchist protesters wreak havoc in Toronto's downtown core during the G20 protests...breaking store windows, looting shops, and setting cop car on fire. 

RL shadowlake 0629 01
RICHARD LAUTENS - June-29,2010 - Yolanda Huybh smiles as she comes through a sprinkler. Shadowlake is a summer retreet for people with intellectual handicaps. This year, there are a lot of new "toys" for them to enjoy in the lake.  The camp is near Musselman Lake.  

STEVE RUSSELL - June 29, 2010.  Two women embrace after using smoke to cleanse themselves as Group of protesters and their families and friends attend at "healing circle" at Christie Pits. Some of the people had been arrested during the riot roundups. Some arrestees spoke about how they complied with police demands because they believed police had expanded new powers in Toronto. 

STEVE RUSSELL - June 29, 2010.  Spectators calmly await Piano legend Dave Brubeck to play at Koerner Hall for the Toronto Jazz Festival.  

RL murder 0630 04
RICHARD LAUTENS - June 30, 2010.  A resident looks out of her balcony at the action below. The body of an elderly woman was found in an apartment on the third floor at 240 Scarlet road in the Jane and St Clair area. A man in his late  40's is under arrest. 

Vt - tall ships0006
VINNIE TALOTTA - June 30, 2010. Andreas Beyer, right,mast captain and Gerina Vollmers, left, bosun make some adjustments on the Roald Amundsen Tall Ship in Toronto harbour for the Great Lakes Unite Tall Ships Challenge. 


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