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A favorite lens....

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

Not going to say much, except, when it comes to shooting soccer, the 600 mm lens (happens to be of the Nikon variety) is just sweet. Its a big field and a lot of movement going on so keeping track of the flow of the game can be difficult thru the mammoth piece of glass. But when it works, it is so sweet. The focus is unbelievably sharp and things just jump - even if the scene is static.

So, here's what the game looked like through that one lens.

Good news is TFC defeated Chivas USA and continues to make its way to a first ever playoff berth.


Dwayne De Rosario is tangled up by Ben Zemanski


TFC's Jacob Peterson goes upside down thanks to Ben Zemanski 


TFCs Joseph Nane gets an arm across the chest of Chivas Justin Braun


TFCs Faud Ibrahim keeps close tabs on Osael Romero during MLS action

Rm_TFCvChivasUSA011Chivas Jesus Padilla meets up with TFC Mista on a header during MLS action between Toronto FC and Chivas USA


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Great Pics! Just wanted to point out that White never came off the bench. I believe it is Joseph Nane in that shot. Also, number 8 is Dan Gargan, not Mista.

It feels good as an amateur photographer to see that you too get those "burns" in the colour red. It may just be the JPG compression for all I know. The crispness of the 600mm is great — I wish guys like me to get my hands on one, even just for a a few days!

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