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Feral Cats Calls For Remote Camera

Richard Lautens/Staff Photographer

I am not a real 'gear head' when it comes to photography.  To me simpler is better and I like nothing more than heading out with one camera, one lens and keep it easy.  The problem is that I can't pick and choose my assignments and when they must be shot.

One of the things I always carry with me is a set of radio remote controls and a small clamp I can either use for my flash or my camera.  I don't need it that often but when I do, it can really save my bacon.

Today I had one of those assignments that can be tough to illustrate.  A woman in scarborough has been feeding feral cats at her condo complex for the past three years.  It sounds simple but being feral cats, they don't allow anyone to get too close to them, let alone a Toronto Star Photographer smelling of dogs.

The difficulty was getting the small cats in the frame with Jean, the woman who has been looking after them.  They never got too close to each other and due to their size, I really wanted to get them close to the camera for the cute factor.

Voila, my Pocket Wizard remotes to the rescue!  I set up the remote control on my camera, put a wide angle lens on and placed the camera near the entrance to the cats hideout.



I ended up getting myself in the picture but it was easy to crop me out


The final image was not perfect but worked out well enough

Now, if I could just get the smell off my camera, I would be a happy man.

Richard Lautens/The Toronto Star


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Pretty cat, Richard. Like the "watcha doin?" look.


Yet another great use for the PocketWizard! Meow :-)

Beautiful cat! :) I love tabby cats.

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