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Schnabel set to open at the AGO

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer

Rm_schnabel011 Julian Schnabel's shoes and socks at the press conference, and preview, of the AGO exhibit.

American painter/photographer/filmmaker, Julian Schnabel, previewed his upcoming exhibit at the AGO on Thursday. The renowned artist/filmmaker has enjoyed success on a number of fronts for a couple of decades. The AGO exhibit will enlist some 60 hangings and span a number of media from photography to paintings to posters.

For me, what was most interesting, was the man himself. The canvas walking/boat shoes topped by some "less than formal" striped socks and accompanied by checked shorts and plaid shirt, reinforces the 'artist' persona. Usually I find I'm the worst dressed person at such events, but this time I was far outdone by the artist himself.

His artwork is larger than life. Some of the pieces are 40x40 (feet), while others on a mere 8 foot square canvas. Either way, when Schnabel posed in front of some of the pieces, his distinct manner of dress fully captures an essential element of his personality - even when a huge canvas consumes the majority of the frame.

Rm_schnabel01Schnabel poses in front of 'Painting for Malik Joyeux and Bernardo Bertolucci' (2006) (both pieces).

Rm_schnabel06Schnabel poses in front of 'Portrait of Andy Warhol (1982)

Rm_schnabel08A preview for media of Julian Schnabel's newest exhibit at the AGO. His exhibit takes up the fifth floor and has about 60 pieces

Rm_schnabel010Two women are dwarfed by Julian Schnabel's 'Catherine Marie Ange, 1990' piece.

Julian Schnabel, the contemporary artist, at the AGO prior to the opening of his show. His exhibit takes up the fifth floor and has about 60 pieces and tied to the release of his movie Miral, at TIFF.


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