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A look back at August

The Toronto Star Photo Department looks back some of the favourite pictures from August.

Rm HST01
RICK MADONIK - Ontario Minister of Revenue John Wilkinson held a presser at the home of Paula and Jermaine Kirksey to further sell the HST. The Kirksey's received a direct deposit cheque to help offset the new costs to Ontarians when the HST kicks in. Son Shaine, 2, (left) was fidgety the entire time while brother Markus, 4, (right) eventually  joined his little brother under the family's glass table to play with toys while the Minister continued to speak to the media.

STEVE RUSSELL - Rev Canon Andrew Asbil gives his sermon amidst the renovations at the Church of the Redeemer. The church at the corner of Bloor and Avenue once had masses attended by 900 parishioners before  they dropped to about 40 in the late 70s. The church is busier and now reclaining pew space that was  walled off and used for programs.

STEVE RUSSELL - The summer of 2010 is quickly becoming the summer of the wasp, as August begins Torontonians are noticing an increase in the insects that  has been attributed to everything from a mild winter to last summer's garbage strike in Toronto.

RPJ RiverRocks 06
RENE JOHNSTON - A egret wades beside some of the rocks piled as it hunts for small fish. Peter Riedel, an artist caused a small stir in the Humber River near the Old Mill erecting 39 rock sculptures.

TANNIS TOOHEY - Lucy Reimer, 2, grabs some thirsty relief from the water guns at the Wychwood Barns splashpad.

STEVE RUSSELL - Ted Holland holds his grade 13 picture from St. Charles College. Ted Holland was allegedly molested by Fr. William "Hodgson" Marshall in his grade nine year at St. Charles College in Sudbury.

KB taste 16
KEITH BEATY -  Taste Of The Danforth claims to be Canada's largest street festival. Chef Mili Fernandez of Embujo Flamenco Tapas Restaurant cooks up a big batch of paella.

COLIN MCCONNELL -  Robi Roncarelli is a 74 year-old  bright tight wearing aquafit instructor who has led classes at the north toronto community centre for 20 years.

JR Panhandler05A
JIM RANKIN - Jason, 28, has been on and off the streets since he was 14. The Star handed out five Master Card and Visa gift cards in $50 and $75 denominations to people on the streets who asked for money, and then tracked what was bought. Jason bought a cheeseburger and root beer.

Vt - cne0001
VINNIE TALOTTA - Sean Siveira demonstrates at the Sprite Flowrider Splash Zone in preparation of the opening of the CNE.

Rm weather01
RICK MADONIK - Akear Miguel, 3, of Toronto, checks out the fountain at Yonge and Dundas Square on a perfect summer's day in the city.

Rm hair01
RICK MADONIK - Sudesh Muthu shows off his Guiness World hair (male) which measures in at 1.91 metres and was recorded on Aug 6, 2010, in England. Sudesh holds Vehaan, 2, while Thedavi, 5, and Nesta, 8, help show just how long their dad's hair is. 

STEVE RUSSELL - Guisseppi Gigliotti downs some water to wash down the pizza pie and the front of his shirt. He ate 11 slices (almost four pizzas). He finished 29 slices behind the winner, super eater, Takeru Kobayashi, at PIE, Wood Fired Pizza Joint in Barrie. Competitors had to ate a Queen Pie, tomato, fresh basil and mozarella.

RE16 Bieber in Concert
RICK EGLINTON - Justin Bieber performs live in concert at the Air Canada Centre.

TMT Waterfountain 02
TANNIS TOOHEY - James Byrne, 22, holds a petri dish with a countable amount of bacteria grown from a dog dish at a local Starbucks cafe, and Gabriel Wolfaardt, 22, holds a petri dish of a sample taken from a water cooler on the 2nd floor at the Queen's Park Legislative Assembly.

Rpj CoreyThinkingBig 01
RENE JOHNSTON - Corey Mandell has been in the event entertainment industry for more than 20 years. He started out as a DJ for bar and bat mitzvahs at 17. At 21, he founded his own company, which provided DJ services. He also played piano during cocktails. Over the years, Mandell's company has branched out into producing the entertainment for major corporate events, owning unique event spaces and running a nightclub. Recently, the company has come full circle by providing entertainment for bar and bat mizvahs once again.

TMT Buskerfest 02
TANNIS TOOHEY - Paul "Earl" Perreault performs a stunt in his "manly hula hoop" (a Cyr Wheel) as a member of Stunt Double Circus during a performance at Buskerfest. 

CARLOS OSORIO - Mirella Amato, founder of Beerology, a consulting firm related to all things beer. Its founder runs beer tastings, judges beer competitions, writes for beer publications, has a regular feature on CBC radio about the world of beer and runs training sessions for bar staff about beer.

Cool Island breezes
DAVID COOPER -  People headed over to the Toronto Island to escape from the heat of the city that hit 33 celcius.

JR Weather3
JIM RANKIN - Swans dunk for lunch as cormorants line the break wall at the Western Beaches.

CARLOS OSORIO -  Toronto Blue Jay Edwin Encarnacion breaks his bat on a foul ball during their MLB game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Rm TFCvChivasUSA029
RICK MADONIK - TFC's Jacob Peterson goes upside down thanks to Ben Zemanski during MLS action between Toronto FC and Chivas USA at BMO Field Saturday afternoon.

Vt - tennis0003
VINNIE TALOTTA - Pierre-Ludovic Duclos serves but loses his match against Yen-Hsun Lu at the Rogers Cup Mens Tennis Tournament  the Rexall Centre at York University.

Rm tennis07
RICK MADONIK - Rafael Nadal of Spain takes on Stanislas Warinka of Switzerland during the night match on Centre Court at the Rogers Cup at Rexall Centre at York University.

Rm tennis09
RICK MADONIK - Stanislas Wawrinka lays on the ground after winning a tiebreak point. However, Rafael Nadal of Spain went on to win the match on Centre Court at the Rogers Cup at Rexall Centre at York University.

Rm CanVFrance014
RICK MADONIK - Robert Sacre gets pinned in by Lombahe-Kahudi and Boris Diaw during a pre World Tournament basketball matchup between Canada and France Thursday night at the Air Canada Centre.

KB argo 00
KEITH BEATY - Montreal Jon Banks (#1) and Anwar Stewart (#9) take down Argo Corey Boyd (#3).

RL tfc 0816 02
RICHARD LAUTENS - Goalkeeper Stefan Frei grabs a shot.The TFC today were practicing ahead of their Champions League match tuesday night against a team from Mexico.

RL argos 0816 03
RICHARD LAUTENS - Running back Bryan Crawford makes a catch.The Toronto Argonauts work out on their practice field in Mississauga after their big win over Montreal.

RE15 Jays 3 Yankees 2
RICK EGLINTON - Toronto Blue Jays John Buck and Jose Bautista celebrate a 3-2 win over the Yankees.

Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers
DAVID COOPER - Sweat flies off of the arms of Travis Snider as he swings in the bottom of the 9th. After Dave Stieb threw out the first pitch things went downhill from there as the Toronto Blue Jays lost 10-4 to the Detroit Tigers.

JR Miguel20
JIM RANKIN - Miguel Vadillo enters the water at 9 p.m., beginning his swim. Vadillo, 40, arrived at Marilyn Bell Park just after 3 pm Tuesday, Aug 11, crossing the lake in 18 hours, and three minutes. It was the eleventh fastest time on record. The Toronto Star designer swam for Jumpstart, a charity that provide swimming and water safety lessons for kids.

JR Miguel12
JIM RANKIN - Miguel Vadillo had swam through the night, and come daylight, felt renewed. 

JR MiguelSwim2
JIM RANKIN - Miguel Vadillo, 40, arrives at Marilynn Bell Park after crosing Lake Ontario and is embraced by his partner Katie White, and son, Santiago Vadillo, 12. The Toronto Star designer swam for Jumpstart, a charity that provide swimming and water safety lessons for kids. 

To donate to Miguel's charity, see 




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