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Bazooka bubbles!

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

Its funny, I love to cover sports, well, competitive events.

I've covered the world Rock, Paper, Scissors competition, earlier this year I had the opportunity to cover a pizza eating competition and this weekend I added to my resume of the unusual with the Bazooka Blow-Off.

If you have a crazy competition going on, drop me an email, they seem to be my forte!

Competitors at the Eatons Centre had one minute to blow a bubble with two pieces of Bazooka gum.

Three competitors signal that they are happy with the consistancy of their gum and ready to compete at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off. Hundreds lined up at the Eaton Centre to participate.

Youngster Tyler Hayley has a problem getting his bubble on. There were three age categories for competitors.

Tyler's Mother, Tracy Hayley scores a nice bubble. All competitor's wore an eye patch in honour of Bazooka Joe, the star of the comic that the gum comes wrapped in.

Danielle Facey competes at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off.

Brad has a way to go before he fills the measuring device at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off.

Franco Carlos powers into his second bubble despite not being able to clean off the reminants of his first attempt.

There was plently of gum, not just for compitors, spectators got their bubbles on as well.

Jean Francois Couture gets a faceful of bubble while practicing  at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off.

Jean Francois Couture cleans the bubble from his face while practicing.

Louie Couture's beard will need some cleaning at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off.

Louie gets some help from Natacha Fontaine as she wipes away a bubble from his beard at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off. 

Natacha Fontaine wipes away gum after her bubble pops!

 Jason C blows a huge practice bubble but came up short in competition at the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off.

Salma Arbach's Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off winning bubble starts to pop. 

Salma Arbach wins the first ever Bazooka Bubble-Gum Blow Off. Arbach, the Grand Prize winner will be first person ever written into Bazooka Joe Comic and wins 3000 pieces of the pick gum alsong with a trophy and an iPod nano.






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A stick of gum containing sugar has about 10 calories compared to sugarless gum which has only 6 calories. Contrary to popular belief, swallowing gum will not do any harm.

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