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The perpetual perp walk, the Russell Williams trial.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I'm cold, I'm windburned, I'm bored, I'm glad I'm not inside.

It has been cold and windy, the days are long and boring, a lot of hurry up and wait, long stretches of boredom followed by a few bursts of rapid activity, but I am glad to be outside on this one.

Even a day like Wednesday, where we would have seen the interrogation/downfall of Russell Williams, what followed, the victim impact statements and the previous two days of the presentation of the agreed statement of facts would have been brutal to sit through. I don't envy anyone who had to sit through the testimony and evidence presented in court.

The three days I have been here covering the trial are all the same,

5:30 am - wake up call

6:00 am - arrive at court to set up ladder, make pictures of reporters waiting to get in

7:30 am - photograph arrival of Russell Williams from top of an eight foot ladder, file pix

9:30 am -  (or half hour before court starts) arrival of Lloyd family, file pix

10 am - court starts, rush to eat breakfast before Morning break then go to front of the court to see what's going on

1:00 pm - lunch break, out front of court looking for principals

2 pm - court resumes go file

Afternoon break

4:30 pm - on ladder waiting for court to end, after departure run to front to see if any family talking to media and then back to back to wait for lawyers and crown. FileTear down ladders

6 pm - hotel and re-edit

Anytime we cover these events it's hard, we have to figure out the balance of coverage.

What we have to balance is how we cover the accused and the victims.

I feel for the Lloyds, the large amount of media coverage makes it difficult to get pictures sometimes and we end up pushing the bubble around the family a little too much.

A couple days ago we ticked off Andy Lloyd, the brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd.

I would have been upset too. Mr. Lloyd is in a tough spot and on that day when he and his mother left court before hearing the agreed statement of facts concerning the death of his sister, the balance we seek as a photojournalists and subject might have been upset a little.

Andy Lloyd is a brave man, as the family spokesperson he faces us all the time. He keeps Jessica in the story.

In his victim impact statement on Wednesday inside court, Andy Lloyd expressed the frustration of being the centre of all the media attention while he and his family are still going through the grieving process. Yet he shows up at almost every court appearance with one purpose in mind : to make sure that the story was also about his sister and her life. A heavy burden.

Monday 6:53 am A sniper takes up position on a nearby rooftop.

Monday, 7:41 am October 18, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams, the former base commander at CFB Trenton arrives at the Belleville Court. Williams plead guilty to killing two women, sexually assaulting two others and to a string of fetish break, enter and thefts.

Monday, 7:42 am October 18, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams, the former base commander at CFB Trenton enters the Belleville court.

Monday 9:09 am October 18, 2010 Family and Frieds of the victims lead by Andy and Roxanne Lloyd, the brother and mother of Jessica Lloyd. Clues from her tragic death lead to the capture of Russell Williams.

Monday 3:17 pm October 18, 2010 Police unlock the gate of the makeshift sallyport.

Monday 4:58 pm October 18, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams, the former base commander at CFB Trenton leaves the Belleville court after a court appearance.

Monday 5:06 pm October 18, 2010 Andy Lloyd, brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd speaks to media about the day and the day the family will face Tuesday.

Monday 5:09 pm October 18, 2010 Andy Lloyd, leaves court after patiently ansewering the media's questions.

Tuesday 5:59 am October 19, 2010 Media line up at 6 am for what will be the most gruesome day as facts about the sexual assaults and the murders will be read in court. 

Sr-RussellWilliams-101019-04Tuesday 7:40 am October 19, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams arrives.

Tuesday 7:44 am October 19, 2010 A sniper sits on a nearby roof.

Tuesday 9:22 am October 19, 2010 Roxanne Lloyd, mother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd leads a group of family and friends to court.

Tuesday 10:52 am October 19, 2010 Andy and mother Roxanne Lloyd leave court before the agreed statement of facts is read on the two murder cases which includes their kin, Jessica Lloyd.

Tuesday 12:02 pm October 19, 2010 Jasmine Hazelwood, 16, protests outside the courthouse.

Tuesday 3:06 pm October 19, 2010 Friends and family of Jessica Lloyd get some fresh air after listening to the Agreed Statement of Facts concerning the murder of their friend. 

Tuesday 3:50 pm October 19, 2010 Under heavy police protection Russell Williams leaves.

Tuesday 4:21 pm October 19, 2010 Crown attorney Lee Burgess takes questions after court.  

Wednesday 6:09 am October 20, 2010 Once again, reporters line up before the sun rises to get into court.

Wednesday 7:07 am October 20, 2010 Reporters file into into court, which will start at 9:30 am.

Wednesday 7:37 am October 20, 2010   Under heavy police protection Russell Williams' van pulls into the makeshift sallyport.

Wednesday 8:32 am October 20, 2010 A sniper watches over the back of the court house. 

Wednesday 8:49 am October 20, 2010 Andy Lloyd and Roxanne Lloyd, brother and mother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd lead family and friends to the court house.

Wednesday 4:27 pm October 20, 2010 Andy Lloyd, brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd speaks to media after he and his mother and family and friends gave victim impact statements. 

Wednesday 4:30 am October 20, 2010 Andy Lloyd, brother of murder victim Jessica Lloyd speaks to media.

Wednesday 8:23 am October 20, 2010 A pair of yellow roses were placed in front of the court house in memory of Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France Comeau. 

My day on Thurday?

5:30 am - wake up call

6:00 am - arrive at court to set up ladder,..........

Monday 4:30 pm October 18, 2010, Print and television media await the departure of Russell Williams.



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Its sad and scary that only a few men/women have been caught for their out of mind actions like Bernardo, and now Williams, saying this man is the worst criminal Canada has ever witnessed, and I believe this to be quite true, of the one's that are actually caught, it makes many wonder how many others amongst our society, our huge society of foreign immigrants, our neighbours, and our respected leaders reside near us carry on doing their evil. No one knows the face they live with, or work-mates they sit with from day to day, or the guy that holds the door for us with a smile at the Starbucks down the street, only to end up getting the disappointment of their lives when that face was a murderer or rapist, or animal abuser etc. We are brought up as children to be wary of strangers and yet we can't spend the rest of our time on earth not trusting in our fellow man/woman. It takes a great amount of discernment to see through the words that are spoken to us everyday, to open our eyes to odd behavior of our neighbour without actually doing something about it. But then again, we are charged with harassment if we squeal on an innocent person. We find it easier to turn a blind eye to people in high ranks, like priests to only be shocked when their actions of wrong become public. Take care of yourself and the everyone you love.

I never truly believed in the death penalty... however the reason I felt this way is because of the errors made in the past with our justice system sending innocent people to death... when there is a case such as this horrific one and clearly without a doubt the defendent is GUILTY as charged... then my hard working dollars should go to my three daughters and not to care for a man that did not give a dam about the daughters and the families he killed!!!!!!

A Mom

I believe that Canada should implement the death penalty for this kind of horrendous crimes.
Here there is no minimum doubt of who committed the crime.
I can understand the argument of convicting an innocent person fro a crime he/she didn't commit.
I don't see the point of this guy being in prison fro the rest of his life. Is he going to be rehabilitated? In case he be rehabilitated will the society allow him to reintegrate?
How much will be spent is keeping this guy alive? (guard, protect,feed)
wouldn't that money being better spent in other needs?

Before I give my reason, please understand that I do not condone what Russell Williams has done, and fully believe that he should have received the death penalty or at least 2 consecutive 100 years sentences for the rape/murders. I do not, however, agree with all the punishments imposed by the Govenor General based on a single conviction of Conduct Contrary To Good Order and Discipline. I believe the GG was correct in giving Col. Williams a Dishonorable Discharge from military service, and like any other person whose employment is terminated with cause, he will receive no separation benefits. I do NOT believe, however, that the GG is correct in stripping Williams of his earned medals, nor his pay prior to the date of his conviction. Although Col. Williams is a deviate in his personal life, as some say "evil incarnate", his medals, awards, and rank were earned. They were not based on his personal life but rather on his military service. I do not exactly what medals Col. Williams has been awarded, but lets pretend for a minute that two of these medals were a war medal for serving in Operation Desert Storm and one for bravery under fire during that Operation. Every person who served in that operation received a medal, but now the GG wants to take that medal away and say he never served in that operation because 20 years later he murdered someone. The GG wants to take away his bravery medal and claim that he wasn't brave during The Operation because 20 years later he murdered someone.

In point blank terms, I believe that the punishment being imposed by the GG is a greater disgrace to the miltary than Mr. Williams' deviate personal life. His outstanding military career was not a result of his deviate behavior, nor was his behavior a result miltary career. The two are separate, and should be kept that way. Punishment should be based on what he did, and not what job or awards he earned.

I believe Russell Williams is sorry for one thing and one thing only - for being caught. Thank God he was... because I also believe he would have raped, tortured and killed more women, possibly children. Undoubtedly the families of the murdered women will never be able to fully recover since they now know the circumstances their precious daughters endured in their final hours with something as vile as him. God says vengeance is mine and I also believe He will exact that vengeance with no mercy shown.

You couldn't pay anyone (or maybe they'd do it for free)in the Forces to ship him in a HERC (cargo for sure, passenger too good for him) and drop him in Afganhistan (literally) and leave him to hang out with Taliban.
Consider it in the line of duty. Community Service.

Sad day for the families.
Sad dsy for the Forces.
Sad dsy for Canadians.
Humanity. Period.

Dear Lise-
Sorry you think that the wife of Russell Williams is the biggest living victim. I think it is the mother of poor Jessica Lloyd. I guess you don't have a daughter. I also think that the assault victim has every right to sue for all the assets. Living after an assault can be pure torture - even with professional help. It can wreak havoc on the ability to earn a living. Writing that she should keep "her damn mouth shut" is a horrific thing to say. Pls let the courts decide that. I think she deserves the whole of Russell's pension and one thousand times more.

In response to some previous commenters - why do you feel you have the right to vilify Mrs. Williams and decide what she should/should not be doing or thinking about? You claim to understand how she must feel - how can you possibly understand that unless you have walked in her shoes?

She had the misfortune of marrying a man who is deeply damaged psychologically. Deeply damaged people are very skilled at hiding their damage and leading double lives. It's what they must do in order to survive. Eventually, though, they can no longer hide and the volcano which has been their lives erupts.

When that volcano erupted, Mrs. Williams' world, as she knew it, was totally destroyed. She will spend a long time trying to understand and come to terms with what has happened to her through no fault of her own. I hope that, one day, she will find some peace and closure. I know, from personal experience, she has a long, lonely road ahead of her. She too is a victim of Russell Williams and, as such, deserves compassion not vilification.

My heart breaks for the families of the two young women brutally murdered. My heart breaks for his other victims who were fortunate to survive. My heart also breaks for Mrs. Williams who, despite being an innocent victim, is being forced to carry the burden of his shame on her shoulders. It's not fair.

In presenting details of the Russell Williams case, The Star has given a wake-up call to parents and others that it is time to take vigorous action against all the pornography,hockey violence,and violent shows coming from the US and other countries. Our country is saturated with with sexual imagery and sexual and non-sexual violence, and Williams is the ultimate example of what happens over time to those who indulge in pornography.Young boys are assailed with images of male sexual violence against women, and girls with role models who use their physical charms to get what they want. Teenagers engage in deviant sex practices, thanks to our liberated society. And they are going to be the parents of the future!

By humanizing his victims The Star made us realize the terror and pain involved in these crimes, and implicitly made us aware of what is happening in and to our society.
The Star is to be congratulated for its coverage.


nahid kabir: are you kidding me.. williams wife is innocent and didnt do a damn thing.. its like me sayin you shouldnt get a dime for all the terrorists!!

There may be a few people who are choosing to 'vilify' Mrs. Williams, but I don't think the majority feel that way. What disturbs me about Mrs. Williams is not that she lived with this psycho for 19 years -he was obviously very good at masking it- but that she would have the audacity to want $3,000.00 for the damage to her hardwood floors from the police search or that she would have the home in BOTH of their names transferrred into her name alone to protect ALL of the property. I think we all have the right to judge her on that choice. Her husband confesses to horrendous, sickening crimes against other woman and one of the first things she does is ensure the home is in her name alone, to protect her precious money? I am trusting the court will set aside this transfer in recognition for what it is, an attempt to defraud potential litigants of money they deserve. Why should the killer be allowed to transfer his assets at the expense of victims? Mrs. Williams has a right to 50% of marital property. The rest should go to the victims and their families.

Tim Rllins you must be one of Harrimans' friends, how could you say that about the victim, should your daughter or sister be in her place, what would have you done?

Just comment if I may make one. While I understand the anger and hatred that is felt toward Russell Willians, nothing and I repeat nothing that is done to him will undo the past ! He will pay the price for his crime every day of his life from now on..The death penalty is no longer in practice in Canada and I am so thankful that we are not a nation that condones such a barbaric practice.
We are all God's people and subject to His Grace. No, I am not a religious fanatic but merely someone who tries to be a Christian !
Think about this!

I stumbled across this story while viewing articles on MSNBC's Dateline. It is fascinating and, of course, terrible. That this busy, public man was able to live two separately, contained lives without anyone suspecting is just surreal. And, his composure while discussing his crimes and the obvious time he took, the planning, and the escalation is horrific. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families. The women were obviously lovely and very much loved and he caused so much pain. My thoughts go to his wife as well. The numbing horror of having lived and shared intimately with a man who was hiding such evil must be awful. I cannot imagine. I've looked at some other articles and would make a couple more comments. One: I don't think he deserves any pension at all. He didn't retire. He was forced out and his uniform burned. That doesn't equate with a pension. And, I think his wife would do well enough without it. As to the very detailed tweets that came out of the courtroom from some of the reporters: I think reading an article through once and then laying it down is much less disturbing than hearing little details minute after minute. It's the difference between gulping a glass of blood and being spoon fed it. It's just too voyeurish. Just kind of twisted. And, I'm not sure that plays well in the justice system either. And, as to the wife's desire to get compensation for the damaged floor, IF she is normal, she probably wanted to fix it and put the home up for sale and leave all the horror as far behind her as possible.

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