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Remembrance Day.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I'm one of the lucky ones, I got to enjoy time with my Granddad and Opa.

Many boys and men were lost before their own children had a chance to meet them or before they could even have families.

My granddad fought for the British and my Opa for the Germans.

Neither would speak to me about about the War, but, I did know that they never fought in the same theatre. Opa was on the Russian Front, Granddad in Burma.

Both were wounded, more than once, both lost family in the War.

Granddad lost a brother in Dunkirk. Opa and Nana (my Grandmother) were both from big families. They both lost almost half their siblings in the war.

As a child they would often tell me about family that was lost in the war, I was always aware of the cost of war.

Earlier this year, those lessons came back. 

Bugler Morgan Dudley brought those memories back.

I was on assignment looking at the items in the Toronto District School Board's vault. The vault contains items from an Emily Carr painting to a spittoon to the dreaded strap to the temporary grave marker of Bugler Morgan Dudley.

The temporary marker that stood over Bugler Morgan Dudley's grave in Belgium is part of the collection. 


Dudley has attended Pape Avenue Public School and that fact reminded my that the Patrick Cain had done Map of the Week blog that showed all the World War I dead in Parkdale. I searched Dudley's address, a poppy was at his address that lead to a link to a copy of Dudley's attestation papers, where you can see his handwriting and signature. Pretty spooky. 


For this Remembrance Day, Patrick Cain, no longer at the Star, but with Open File has created a World War II map that shows all the addresses of the 3000 plus Torontonians who died. It seems like no street did not suffer a loss.

-Lest we Forget



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