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Thanks For The Help

Richard Lautens/Staff Photographer

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who so willingly open up their lives to members of the media.

Of course many people have their own agenda and want to use the media as a type of free publicity to access millions of people-more often than not they contact us with their story-most have nothing to gain however.

One example.  Into the new year, Toronto has finally received some snow.  When any kind of obvious weather comes about, we photographers are called on to make 'weather features'.  We run around town looking for people affected by the weather.  It is an easy news hook as it is usually the number one topic of conversation the world over.  It can also brighten up an often times sombre news section.

A short while ago we had a big dump of snow and I was charged with making some weather pictures.  The first person I run into is Terry Gluley who is dutifully shovelling out his driveway.  I went up to him asking if I could take a few pictures. 

He readily agreed.

I then asked if I could get into his car, crawl around with my wet boots and take some pictures as he cleaned off his car.

To my amazement he again readily agreed.

So to Terry and all the others out there who let us into your lives in good times and in bad, thanks.


Terry Gluley cleans off his car

Richard Lautens/Toronto Star




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I loved this article and the headline was so superb.

I found the humanity and honesty.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.
Prateek Panchal

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