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Canadians Rally for Egypt.

Carlos Osorio - Staff Photographer

Today at Queens Park over 600 people took part in a peaceful rally in support of the Egyptians in Tahrir Square. Here, like in Egypt, the message was the same: Hosni Mubarak must step down.


Eman Ibrahim pauses for a moment during the rally. CO-EgyptRally02
Hana Zaghloul, 7, chants along with the adults.

The people walked along College St. to Yonge St. and then back to Queens Park via Wellesley St.

People held signs that read "No Mubarak" on one side and "Yes Democracy" on the other.

As the march moved along College Street a man in a streetcar gave a thumbs up.

Amal Moustafa chants while holding an Egyptian flag.

Sherin Elagan lets her voice be heard during the rally.

Mohamad Fouda waves an Egyptian flag while on the shoulders of Ahmed Ebrahim as the march moves along College Street.

Ragaa Abdelfattah listens to the speeches.







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If the Egyptian people want a fresh start, then they have to smash as radically and incisevely as is possible the influence of YourMaster'sVoice, after the final overthrow.Most of the money must go to the people to be used for economic diversification away from raw materials exports, basic services and there has to be decentralization of governmental power.

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