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Toronto Star's award winning photography in 2010.

Every year Toronto Star photographs and multimedia pieces are entered several contests. Here are the Star's  results in a few of the bigger ones.

Warning there is some graphic content.

National Newspaper Awards (NNAs)

Founded by the Toronto Press Club 60 years ago, these awards are Canada's Pulitzers. Awards are given out every year in 22 writing, photography and multimedia categories. There are four photography categories, Spot News, News Feature, Sports and Feature as well as one multimedia category. The Toronto Star has won 28 National Newspaper awards in photography. The Toronto Star has five nominations in photography categories and one in multimedia. The winners will be announced in Ottawa on May 9th, 2011.

This year's photography nominees are,

LUCAS OLENIUK - SPOT NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - A man is robbed of his loot bag in downtown Port-au-Prince Monday morning while looters file into a destroyed building in the background. This Picture also won a Society for News Design Silver Medal in Spot News. Lucas has won two previous NNAs. In 2004 he won the Spot News award for a picture of the Hurricaine aftermath in Haiti and in 2008 he won the News Feature award for a picture of a young Somali refugee in a camp in Kenya.

LUCAS OLENIUK - NEWS FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - A female looter lies dead moments after being shot in the head at random by a Haitian Police officer while scaling a collapsed roof with three ornamental mirrors Tuesday afternoon in Port-au-Prince.  Chaos gripped the Haitian capital since the earthquake. This Picture also won a Society for News Design Award of Excellence in General News.

LUCAS OLENIUK - NEWS FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - Destructive protests filled the streets of Port-au-Prince after the release of Haiti's election results.  The protests were led be Michel Martelly supporters who watched their candidate finish a close third to Jude Celestin effectively eliminating him from a run-off vote. This Picture also won a Society for News Design Award of Excellence in Spot News.

RICK MADONIK - SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY - Canada's Haley Irwin (left) and Meghan Agosta lay on the ice with some beverages after the Gold medal ceremony after beating the United States. This is Rick Madonik's first NNA nomination. This Picture also won a Society for News Design Silver Medal in Sports Photography.

DAVID COOPER - SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY -  Japanese goalie Mitsuru Nagase raises his arms in victory and is joined by Captain #10 Takayuki Endo, Noritaka Ito #59, and Satoru Sudo #24 after beating Canada in the semi-final game and eliminating them from the Gold Medal game. David Cooper won the 2007 Sports Photography NNA with a picture of a leaping Glenn Howard.



BERNARD WEIL - MULTIMEDIA - Bernard Weil follows a series of paitents awaiting a transplant, including 13-year-old Thomas Quinet, who was born with cystic fibrosis, he needs a second double lung transplant. See the whole series! Weil won the 1996 Sports NNA for a picture of Donovan Bailey winning the 100 metre dash at the Atlanta Olympic Games. This story is also nominated for Pictures of the Year Canada in the Multimedia category.

TEAM TORONTO STAR -BREAKING NEWS - A woman covers her head with a magazine during a heavy downpour at Queen and Cameron. People had come out to support those being held in a kettle at Queen and Spadina which is one block east. CARLOS OSORIO. The Toronto Star team of Photographers, reporters, editors and designers were nominated for it's coverage of the G20 in Toronto. Photos from protests Saturday and Sunday were captured by Lucas Oleniuk, Carlos Osorio, Bernard Weil, Jim Rankin, Richard Lautens and Steve Russell

Society for News Design (SND)

Already awarded the Society for News Design's mission is to enhance communication around the world through excellence in visual journalism. It represents about 1,500 member newspapers across the world.

LUCAS OLENIUK - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - SPOT NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - An angry mob beat a suspected looter to the verge of death and then burned him alive in the streets of Port-au-Prince after the earthquake.

RICHARD LAUTENS - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY - Eight-months pregnant, Ashley Crain, tees off on the fifth hole on he first day of the Toronto Star Amateur Women's Golf tournament held at the Weston Golf and Country Club.

RICHARD LAUTENS - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - SPOT NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - The police, many with name tags and badge numbers removed, move in on seated protesters who refused to move from the designated protest area at Queen's Park.

RICK MADONIK - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - GENERAL NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY -Jackie McGregor-Einboden is seen sitting in a pickup truck following the funeral service for her husband Ken and daughter Brittany, 12. Ken Einboden rushed back into the house to try to get Brittany out after saving their baby Kendra. This picture is also nominated for a Pictures of the Year Canada award in the General News category.

TANNIS TOOHEY - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - GENERAL NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - Then mayoral candidate George Smitherman laps up a drink from the water fountain at the newly opened Sugar Beach before speaking to the media about his commitment to the city and its waterfront revitalization.

RICK MADONIK - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY - Lyba Spring, sexual health promoter with Toronto Public Health, in her downtown office, with two puberty felt aids which have interchangeable parts to demonstrate to kids the changes that will occur in their bodies.

STEVE RUSSELL - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY - After having given away his jersey, shin guards and shorts AC Fiorentina forward Stevan Jovetic poses for a picture as AC Fiorentina defeated Italian League rival Juventis in a friendly at the Rogers Centre.

BERNARD WEIL - AWARD of EXCELLENCE - SPOT NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - A peaceful protest descended into chaos after plain clothes officers pulled up in a van in front of the protestors and raced into the crowd to grab several suspects, in front of the temporary detention centre at Eastern Ave. and Pape Ave. Other in the crowd were also taken away moments later. Following that, police used smoke grenades to disperse the crowd.

The News Photographer Association  (NPAC)

The News Photographers Association of Canada, celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. The organization holds a Pictures of the Year Canada competition that recognizes photography in 14 different photography and mulltimedia categories. The winners will be announced May 28th, 2011 in Winnipeg.

RICK MADONIK - OLYMPIC ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY - Canada wins the Olympic Gold Medal with a 3-2 Overtime victory over the USA in Men's Hockey at Canada Hockey Place. This picture also earned Rick Madonik the 2010 Sports Media Canada George Gross Award for Outstanding Photography

JIM RANKIN - SPORTS FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - Miguel Vadillo had swam through the night, and come daylight, felt renewed.   Vadillo, 40, arrived at Marilyn Bell Park just after 3 pm Tuesday, Aug 11, crossing the Lake Ontario in 18 hours, and three minutes. It was the eleventh fastest time on record. The Toronto Star designer swam for Jumpstart, a charity that provide swimming and water safety lessons for kids.

STEVE RUSSELL - SPOT NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - Protester Kirk Warrington is overcome my the smoke after attempting to put out a fire in a police car on Queen Street West near Spadina during the G20 Summit protests in Toronto.



RANDY RISLING - SINGLE MULTIMEDIA - It's tough being gay in Iran. So tough, that people have been persecuted - even executed - for being themselves. For many, like Farzan Shahmoradi, there's only one solution: To leave. 


BERNARD WEIL - SINGLE MULTIMEDIA - Celebrating the sights, sounds and tastes of spring, the Kortright Centre for Conservation, in Vaughan north of Toronto, is harvesting maple sap from the trees in much the same way as the early settlers did.


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