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Fashion Week - Day 2

Carlos Osorio - Staff Photographer

My second day started with a photo shoot of Jay Manuel. He had asked that I bring a "flashover lens" for the shoot. I really wasn't sure what this piece of equipment was and after asking some friends we determined that it was a bracket for a flash so it doesn't sit right on the camera but over the lens. Well I don't have a bracket so I brought every piece of lighting equipment to the shoot to make sure that he would be fine with one of them. 

Once at the shoot I found out from one of his people that it didn't need to be a bracket just something that could produce big light with no shadows.

To be honest I thought he was going to be very controlling with the photographs and he was the opposite. He was very welcoming and open to suggestions on posing although I didn't really need to tell him anything. The man just wanted nice light on his face. Can't blame a guy for that!

I met photographer Bernard Weil at Heritage court and he had already secured a spot front and centre for the days show. I decided to pick a different spot from Bernie and make some off angle photos of the first show. When the lights dimmed and the music started I noticed an e-mail from photo editor Denis Cyr that said, "naked protest Princess Gates NOW!"

I squeezed out of my spot and made my way over there and found about 20 people holding signs for PETA. Three of the young woman had stripped down to just underwear and were holding a banner. A couple of quick photos and it was back to the fashion.

The last part of my day was spent trying to make interesting photos of anything off runway that caught my eye.

Hope you enjoy!


Jay Manuel

 Model Sarah Barnes makes a phone call before her day gets going.


PETA protestors with Pomeranian Maggie


Security guard Gus Garcia before the start of the Denis Gagnon show


A model walks off the runway after the Chloe Comme Parris show


The Label Show



Now here are some photographs from Bernard Weil.



Chloe Comme Parris show


 Denis Gagnon show


Denis Gagnon show


Photographers discuss lighting while on the runway, prior to the Shan runway show


Shan swimwear


Shan swimwear







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