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Darth Vader versus Elmo? You won't see that at Wrestlemania.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I have to confess, in high school and in the first few years of university I was a HUGE wrestling fan.

I could argue for hours which of the British Bull Dogs was better, Davy Boy!

And, secretly I've always wanted to shoot a Wrestlemania.

That urge lay dormant until I saw the Wrestler, it brought back the urge to shoot some wrestling.

When picture editor Canice Leung suggested we check out a small wrestling event on a slow Sunday, I was in, no questions.

Well, there were some questions, could we get in? What time? Where?It wasn't Wrestlemania, but like the Wrestler movie it was in a small venue with character.

The hairiest wrestler wasn't George "The Animal" Steele, it was Elmo "The Mumpet" 

Princess Peach was the hero's love interest, not Marisa Tomei.

The Performance enhancing substances were fruit that would turn ghosts blue and mushrooms that gave Super Mario a boost.

The heels were an assortment of video game and comic book villains led by Darth Vader.Wrestlemania no, WrestleCrisis Deluxe: A Tribute to Video games, yes.

WrestleCrisis is a local wrestling group that refers to their shows as a Combat Opera  because they put particular emphasis on the dramatic aspect of the sport.

There was a twist at the end but I'm not giving it away!

bossFYTE an experimental electronic music duo warm up the crowd at WrestleCrisis Deluxe: A Tribute to Video games with video game music mixed with their music.


The Time Keeper resembles a character from Doom.

Mortal Kombat's Johnny Cage flies through the air as he is clothslined by one of the villians, or heel in wrestling. as his tag team partner Scorpion looks on at WrestleCrisis Deluxe: A Tribute to Videogames.

Mortal Kombat's Johnny Cage makes a come back with a double clothsline.

Spiderman high fives a Team Marvel teammte before a match.

Spiderman awaits a tag as a Marvel teammate leaps over an opponent.

Spiderman looks to canonball an opponent from Team Capcom at the urging of Professor X.

Darth Vader enters the ring only to unmask himself and declare that the whole evening is an insult to wrestling. Unmasked, RJ City took the microphone and declared, "I’m a professional athlete. Pretending to be Darth Vader is way beneath me.” He then squared off against his opponent, Elmo.

Elmo enters to fight Darth Vader, who ummasked himself to reveil wrestler RJ City.

Elmo sporting the Anime North title belt enters the ring, the title was not on the line.

Ouch, that's not how you tickle Elmo. RJ City gives Elmo the shoulder in the corner.

Elmo is on the wrong end of a flying elbow drop!

Elmo hops over RJ City as he gathers speed for a flying tickle at WrestleCrisis Deluxe: A Tribute to Videogames.

Although he renounced depicting Darth Vader for the match versus Elmo. RJ City had no issues picking up the light sabre and attacking Elmo with it, Elmo managed to pare the blow.

Off the top rope, Elmo drops in on RJ City!

Elmo falls victim to a mistake champion wrestlers make time and time over. They leave their championship belt unattended on the side of the ring.  RJ City uses his belt to belt him and pin him!

Aidan McVeigh watches the action.

In the main event, all the way from Russia, Zangief salutes the crowd with his Sean Connery-esque hairy chest before facing Super Mario at WrestleCrisis Deluxe.

Unable to help, Super Mario watches helplessly as Princess Peach tangles with Zangief.

Super Mario drops in on Zangief as the tide changes in the main event.

Super Mario and Princess Peach celebrate a victory over Zangief in the main event at WrestleCrisis Deluxe: A Tribute to Videogames. 



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This sounds like fun but my money was on ELMO.

The event was a blast. Really looking forward to future shows from them. Slight correction, the guy fighting Elmo goes by the name RJ City and not RC City (real name RJ Skinner).

@Justin, Thanks for the heads up on the name!

ya nice pictures to see

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