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My first assignment was cancelled and then it went to the dogs

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

My day started off with my first assignment being cancelled as soon as I walked through the door. The subject thought the shoot was on Monday and was unavailable.

As I left that assignment my phone buzzed with my next assignment. 

Cover the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan at the Canadian Tire on Lake Shore Blvd and Leslie Street.

Cesar Millan holds  Justin the Chiuaua as hundreds of dogs, with their owners on leashes came to see the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, at Canadian Tire at Leslie and Lake Shore for the launch of his line of dog accessories in  Toronto. 


Kindle, a Shar Pei - American Stafford Terrier mix and a Southern Ontario Animal Rescue dog who is up for adoption and has cataracts waits.

Journey, the Canadian Great Dane Champion dog gets a hug from her owner.

Carelia Suarez with her dog Justin, "like Justin Bieber" in the crook of her arm takes a pictures as she waits to see Caesar Millan.

Ringo and Chica, chiuauas, wait as hundreds of dogs, with their owners on leashes came to see the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan.

Doogie, a Golden Retriever-Poodle cross relaxes during the two hour wait.

Ginger, a Chinese Shar Pei

Sugar, part Pitbull and half Shih tzu or as her owner loving jokes "a bull shih."

None of these dogs would own up to it, but a Canadian Tire flyer came in handy when one had an accident.

Cesar Millan fans take pictures.

Cesar Millan gets a a little love.

Ruby, front, and Lucy get a ride in a shopping cart pushed by owner Lena Cote after she got tired of the dogs running off in different directions.

At the end of the event dog owners pose for pictures.

Cesar Millan mingles with some of the dogs before he leaves!



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The sad, and badly managed thing was that Lena Cote seemed to have been the only child in line yet was told that she would miss out on seeing Cesar, as he could not see everyone. So you did not get a picture of the girl crying with disapointment of seeing her idol.

omg, please! Monika!
The little girl, actually did get to see her idol, and had her pic taken with him. my god.

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