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Fashion Week Ends

Carlos Osorio & Bernard Weil - Photographers


Fashion week is over and we leave you with these last remnants from our side of the camera. 

We hope you have enjoyed our sometimes quirky but always interesting look at the fashion world.


@carlososorio & @bernardweil



BERNARD WEIL - Goodies for everyone. Gift bags line seats for guests and journalists prior to the Korhani Home Rug show, October 19.



BERNARD WEIL - Volunteers place gift bags on the seats, prior to the Tosca Delfino swimwear show, October 18.



BERNARD WEIL - Large red spotlights aimed on the runway silhouette high heels as the audience gets seated for the Lauren Bagliore show.



BERNARD WEIL - Backstage, a model gets makeup applied prior to the Denis Gagnon show



BERNARD WEIL - The audience watches a video on a large screen at the start of the runway, during the start of the Denis Gagnon runway show. BW_1021Blog_06


BERNARD WEIL - Long after the end of the last show, photographers still have equipment to pack up.



The next three photos were made with a multiple exposure feature on a Nikon D3s camera. 

I had such a great time making photos and blogging during the week. So good, that I got sick on the last day. I was having a tough time making nice pictures and took the advice of all around good guy and National Post photographer Tyler Anderson to try the multiple exposure feature. 


CARLOS OSORIO - This was my first attempt during the Micalla show.


CARLOS OSORIO - One more attempt during the Cydelic by Choryin show.



CARLOS OSORIO - This was was attempted during the Baby Steinberg show.



CARLOS OSORIO - A red light illuminates only a small section of the crowd for the Joe Fresh show on Oct. 19


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