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The Toronto Star Photo.......well, this blog, wins Best Blog at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards!

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

Great news for the Toronto Star Photo Department, our blog won Gold for the best blog in the newspaper and broadcaster division.


A great honour! The genesis of our blog?

Whenever we talk to people about our jobs, whether it be with people we meet on the street at an assignment, with friends at an bbq or during a Toronto Star speaker's bureau engagement, the stories people respond to is how we got the picture! What happens behind the scenes.

The blog became an outlet for these kinds of stories along with an opportunity to show off some great photography that might not make it into the paper!

Here is a sampling of the photos and blog posts that made this blog stand out,

Award winning
 We believe that great photography should be one of the corner stones of the blog, We try to highlight our photography each month and we show off our best at the end of the year. Lucas Oleniuk's picture of a female looter lies dead moments after being shot in the head at random by a Haitian Police won the National Newspaper Award for News Photography, see more award winners HERE

Stories behind the coverage of various pictures that make the paper are always big favourites with readers. This is everything from photographers thinking they have have to stake out Justin Bieber (it was really beavers!) to how to shoot the female answer to Movember to how to create a $2 camera lens.

Some of the blogs that stand out!

It's not one of our pictures, but Prince Andrew's. The picture isn't that great but the story behind it is!

Rankin tunisia
Jim Rankin covered the beginning of the Arab Awakening in Tunisia in this blog. Rankin is cueently in Tunisia covering their elections.

On the topic of war, Rick Madonik visits Trevor Greene, who was wounded when Madonik was in Afghanistan. Madonik also brings some insight to covering war with this post on Libya and this one on the fixer who kept him safe in Libya

This blog had a personal account from Lucas Oleniuk about being fired upon in Bahrain

Ryan russell-800wi
 Bernard Weil covered the funeral for Sgt Ryan Russell. Weil also made a cool time lapse video on a trip around Lake Nippissing in a minute

On the topic of a minute, Steve Russell blogged on how to shoot a TIFF celeb in 60 seconds

Rick Madonik blogs on the challenges of covering holiday tragedies.

Carlos Osorio blogs on Hazel's 90th birthday!

Richard Lautens captures musket fire in this blog on Fort York

Rene Johnston blogged on covering UFC through a fence. The blog offeres a health dose of sports photography.

Steve Russell's coverage of the life changing surgery for Yeabsra

The blog also recognized the work of a photographer whose work found it's way onto the pages of the paper many times, Shaun Best

The Toronto Star Photo Department can be found on facebook and twitter @TOstarphoto



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