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After I got hit by the zebra I was LMFAO

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

If you would have told me that I would ever be hit by a zebra while covering a concert I would have called you crazy.

Even if you would have said it was a giant inflatable zebra!

But I guess it is one of the hazards of covering party band LMFAO at the Air Canada Centre.

Overall, it was a really fun concert to cover, the band started on time and that makes photographers with a tight deadline happy.

The show, well that was something, it was like every single party stereotype threw up on stage, it was great.

The band, bathed in light, was energetic and really knew how to connect with the crowd.

A fan who airbrushed her arms to match the LMFOA back up dancers waits for the concert to start. 

Foam devil horns and a large bottle of champagne await the start of the LMFAO concert.

 Fans in the upper levels of the bowl greet the band.

Not the zebra that hit me, Fans grapple for a small zebra thrown into the crowd.

"Sorry for the Party Rocking" reads some body art on a dancer.

 Sky Blu, left, and Redfoo of LMFAO make a stop on their "The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour " at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Redfoo of LMFAO bills his afro as "gravity defying" 

Sky Blu of LMFAO

My university nemisis, The Funnel, makes an appearance on stage. 

The zebra leaps (or was thrown) into the crowd!

The life size inflatable zebra crowd surfs.

Sky Blu sings while the zebra surfs by.

Fuelled by Grey Goose, Redfoo parties.

Fans in the first row party right back!

Redfoo and Sky Blu of LMFAO make a stop on their "The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour " at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Redfoo, a mike and a gravity defying afro!



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does anyone remember the website to get pics they took at the meet and greet? also great show it was worth it, every day im shufflein

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