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Raonic versus Sampras

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

I love covering tennis! It's something that I rarely get to do, but  when I have a great time.

I played a little bit growing up in Peru, but mostly was fascinated by people who could play the game at a high level.

Watching the top ranked Canadian Milos Raonic play Pete Sampras was a lot of fun.

We sit court level and truly see how fast the game can be, even though it is an exhibition. 

Even out of the top level game for almost a decade the amount of polish Sampras' game has was wonderful to watch.

A year ago Thornhill's Milos Raonic was ranked 156th in the world, he currently is ranked 31st and has been ranked as high as 25th.


Milos Raonic serves during a celebrity match before taking on his tennis hero Pete Sampras.

Hayden Christensen serves a ball during the celebrity match.

Hayden Christensen has a laugh after someone yelled, "use the force!" 

Rick Campanelli rides Milos Raonic as they team up to play Sampras and Gord Martineau.

Brad May celebrates his first tennis point ever.

Rick Campanelli celebrates making a point on Eugénie Bouchard and Milos Roanic. Campanelli and Brad May played Aleksandra Wozniak and Eugénie Bouchard. The female pros had to play handicapped, Wozniak had to hold hands with Hayden Christensen and Bouchard with Milos Roanic. 

Aleksandra Wozniak returns a ball despite being handicapped by holding hands with Hayden Christensen in a celebrity match.

Eugénie Bouchard handicapped by holding hands with Milos Roanic returns a ball.

Pete Sampras celebrates winning the first game in the main event against Milos Roanic.

Milos Roanic is aced by Pete Sampras.

Milos Roanic serves to his tennis hero Pete Sampras.

A fan reacts after facing a Milos Roanic serve in a contest.

Pete Sampras celebrates winning a point.

 Milos Raonic returns a Sampras serve.Roanic would win the exhibition 7-6, 6-1.

Fans on the baseline protect themselves from a Raonic 200 km/hr plus serve.



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