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Docs duke it out for charity fundraiser

Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer


They are both men who heal, who treat the sick and comfort the ill. Normally! On Saturday night, they were just two guys with a grudge, and a good cause. And although neither was liqoured up, the two middle aged, moderatly overweight and aerobically challenged, climbed inside a boxing ring and went toe-to-toe.

After a few months of trainning, and a number of weeks of trash talking, Dr. Mark "Mayhem" Miller (Chief of Family Medicine) took on Dr. Paul "Mad Dog" Medve (Chief of Emergency) in a charity boxing match. The event was held at The Greens of Renton golf course and the money raised earmarked for the hospital where both work - Norfolk General. Medve's over confidence (his words) proved fatal as he seem to lose his game plan once the bell rang. Miller, who had both a weight and reach advantage, won a unanimous decision in a 3 round (2 minute rounds) match billed as the World Physicans Heavyweight Championships.

The crowd was more than enthusiastic, althought neither competitor said afterward they heard, or paid any attention to the cheers and jeers strewn about. Both fought hard. Both wanted to win. And both nearly collapsed at the conclusion of the bout, a lack of conditioning the biggest culprit of surprise.

In the end, the hospital was the benefactor of a few thousand dollars, the ER Chief was sore and dejected at defeat and looking for a rematch. The winner was glowing, and seriously considering retiring, undefeated, from the sport.


Dr. Paul Medve, chief of Emergency, laughs during the dinner speeches prior to charity boxing event.



Dr. Mark Miller, Chief of Family Medicine, says hello to his parents as he is announced at the dinner.



 Dr. Mark Miller has his measurements recorded prior to a charity boxing event.



Dr. Paul Medve shows some of his friends his opponents favourite fighting position.



Dr. Mark Miller mingles with supporters prior to the match.



Dr. Paul Medve (centre, white shirt and tie) speaks to a coach of amateur fighters as they warm up for their bouts.



Local physicans Mark Miller (seated) and Paul Medve begin to prepare for their headline match for a charity boxing event raising funds for Norfolk General Hospital.



Dr. Paul Medve uses some Pedialyte to load up on electrolytes.



Dr. Paul Medve gets dressed in his boxing gear. Under his boxing shorts he wore an octopus themed underwear.



Dr. Mark Miller grabs a rest on a couch prior to the bout.



Dr. Paul Medve is lead to the ring after his introduction.



Dr. Mark Miller does a little dance with a supporter as he heads to the ring during his introduction.



Standing room only to watch local physicans Mark Miller and Paul Medve headline a charity boxing event raising funds for Norfolk General Hospital.



Local physicans duke it out as Mark Miller (right) delivers a punch to the head of Paul Medve.



Mark Miller (left) and Paul Medve exchange blows during the first round.



Mark Miller (left) takes a blow, and delivers a blow, to Paul Medve during charity boxing match.



The Miller sideline errupts with cheer at the end of the 2nd round as local physicans Mark Miller and Paul Medve headline a charity boxing event raising funds for Norfolk General Hospital.



Mark Miller (left) fends off a blow from Paul Medve.



Mark Miller (left) closes the gap on Paul Medve.



Mark Miller (left) misses with a left as he fends off a blow from Paul Medve.



Mark Miller (left) and Paul Medve get tangled up during a charity boxing event.



Mark Miller (right) takes a breather as he waits for Paul Medve to close the distance during a charity boxing event to raise funds for a local hospital.



Mark Miller (right) connects and throws Paul Medve off balance.



A woman hides her face as she watches local physicans Mark Miller and Paul Medve exchange blows during a headline bout of a charity boxing event raising funds for Norfolk General Hospital.



Mark Miller (right) and Paul Medve at the end of a round.



Mark Miller (left) has his hand raised in victory against Paul Medve after the announcement of a unanimous decision.



Mark Miller shows the crowd his championship belt following a charity boxing event.



Mark Miller posed with the three ring girls and his championship belt following a charity boxing event.



Paul Medve reflects, in his dressing room, on the outcome of a charity boxing.



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