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Opening Ceremonies = a long day + Clicker Ticker abuse!

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

I tell my daughters, "you get what you get and you don't get upset."

Now if only I could follow my own advice. I had a less than ideal position for the Opening Ceremony. I took it out on my fellow photographers and a poor guy that works at the COC. 

I don't really feel bad though, part of the job is to try to get the best possible position for the paper.

But it truly was a really bad spot.

Here are some of my favourites from the opening!

Spectators wait for the show to start to kick off the 30th Olympiad!

Part of the opening, while fans took their seats was a little cricket match.

Rain falls into the Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies.

Silk sheets representing the water that surrounds the Britsh Isles covers the spectators in the Stadium during the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium.

Smoke stacks representing the industrial revolution rise in the Stadium.

Molten iron creates one of the rings.


 Representing the story of Peter Pan children jump  on beds in the Stadium.

The the song rocket man a rocket man takes off in the Stadium.

A woman in a ball moshes in the Stadium during the opening ceremonies.

Dancers throw powder up in the air in the Stadium during the opening ceremonies.

It's almost 4 am as I put together this blog, I have no idea what's going on in this picture!

Lead by Simon Whitfield, Team Canada enters the Stadium.

Team GB (Great Britain) enters the stadium.

Cyclists with wings circle the stadium during the opening ceremonies.

One of the bikes take flight.

Muhammad Ali was on hand to present the Olympic flag.

The Olympic Flame after being lit begins to take shape.

And Now the Clicker Ticker.....

Alexandre Despatie trains in the Aquatic Centre.



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These photos are fantastic! Thank You Steve!

Awesome. Thank you. Will be following throughout. Great shots.

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