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The emotions of being a homer.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

It is tough.

When I'm at the Olympics I realize how much of a homer I am. As a journalist I'd love to be objective, but during the Olympics as a Canadian I want the home side to do well and get on the podium! I'm sure it is the same for all my collegues here too.

Tonight as a former swimmer and a Canadian it was hard to watch Scott Dickens swim. He came in with a good morning swim, setting new national record,  that fueled hopes for his semi-final.

I'm sure the other Canadian photographer that were covering that race feel it too.

At the Olympics, that happen once every four years, we see and begin to understand their commitment to their sport.

Canada's emotional state at the pool was already compromised when Ryan Cochrane was bumped to first alternate in the final after South Korean Park Tae-hwan, who had been disqualified won his appeal. This bumped Cochrane out of the final.

As crappy of a day it might seem to Dickens, he still has the 200 breast to look forward to. 

Good luck Scott!

Team Canada members cheer as Scott Dickens is introduced before the 100 metre breastroke semi-final. The top eight times in the two semi-finals advance.

Scott Dickens takes off from the blocks in the semi-final.

Early on, Dickens is holding his own.

Dickens begins to be caught and fall behind, only the top eight of 16 swimmers will advance.

Scott Dickens teammates react as they watch his final few minutes. 

Scott Dickens, who in the morning heats established a new Canadian record in the 100 metre breastroke reacts to his time.

I once joked with some students, "If I show up to photograph you, it's either the best day of your life or you worst." Unfortunately it wasn't a great day for Dickens.

Katerine Savard also failed to make the final finishing last in her heat.

Things when better for America, Ryan Lochte swims to gold in the 400 Individual Medley.

I'm sure many of my American counterparts felt for Phelps like we felt for Dickens. But they had Lochte to temper the pain!

First Lady, Michelle Obama cheer Lochte preformance.

Ryan Lochte shows his new hardware while flashing his other hardware, a diamond encrusted grill!

China's Yang Sun celebrates gold in the 400 freestyle.

Australia celebrates victory in the 4x100 Freestyle relay.

Temporary tattooed, hockey helmeted, flag caped and beer holding Canadian fans cheer the efforts Martin Reader and Joshua Binstock in Beach Volleyball.

Martin Reader celebrates a point with partner  Joshua Binstock against Great Britain, Canada won 2-0 in beach volleyball competition in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Teresa Gabriele makes contact with Alena Danilochkina as Team Canada nearly upsets heavily favoured Russia before losing 58-53.

Kim Smith takes the charge from Alena Danilochkina 

Kim Smith celebrates three of her 20 points as Team Canada nearly upsets heavily favoured Russia.

Tamara Tatham has patriotic nails.

Canadian coach  Allison McNeill reacts as Canada loses the lead late in the game.


Ryan Lochte swims to a gold medal in the 400 IM.


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Look at that ticker go!

Good job rockin' the house Steve. Keep it up but try to get some sleep.

Steve, you are amazing! One day I will be able to get pictures like this.Tell me, what is it with Ryan Lochte's teeth? I see the gold he won, but what is his teeth made out of? Thank you for the exquisite photography.

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