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Canadian Gymnasts make historic leap!

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

The problem with an Olympics is that there is too much to shoot.

Deciding what to shoot each day is a lesson in second guessing yourself and editors.

But for the most part when the time comes you follow the best story.

Yesterday was one of those days, Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion were competing an the 10 metre sychronized platform competition. They were medal favourites, but, the Canadian women's gymnastics team was competing in the team all round final. The first for the nation! The paper wanted to go big on it, a double truck in sports. So I was dispatched to the gymnastics. 

There was an opportunity to attempt to do the diving that started at 3 pm and try to make it to gymnastics that started at 4:30. The trip would have involved two bus rides and a trip through security and I did not want to risk missing one or two of the events.

As it stands right now I don't know if I got that double truck, Canadian athletes had a great day with a couple surprise medals, but I had a lot of fun!

Victoria Moors is spotted by a coach during warm-ups for the floor routine. Canada earned a spot in the team final for the first time ever.

Elsabeth Black leaps during the Floor routine.

The press tribune at the event, this picture represents about a fifth of the tribune!

Victoria Moors spins through the air on the floor routine.

Victoria Moors competes on the floor routine.

Dominique Pegg  launches off the  vault.

Brittany Rogers competes on the vault.

Elsabeth Black is congratulated by coach after her vault. Canada sat fourth after one apparatus.

Brittany Rogers tapes her hands after vault in preparation for the uneven bars.

American Gabrielle Douglas soars high above the bar.

Victoria Moors catches the bar.

Victoria Moors comes down after catching air on the uneven bars.

Kristina Vaculik launches on the uneven bars.

Kristina Vaculik spots the bar as she competes on the uneven bars.

Brittany Rogers chalks up before competing on the uneven bars

Brittany Rogers soars over the uneven bars.

Elsabeth Black competes on the beam.

Brittany Rogers hugs Victoria Moors as they watch Elsabeth Black compete on the beam as Canada earns a fifth place finish, their best all time.

Elsabeth Black dismounts from the beam.

Kristina Vaculik is the final Canadian to compete on the balance beam.

Team Canada gymnasts react as they learn that they will finish fifth overall. 

The Americans win gold.




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