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The media marathon and me.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

They say covering the Olympics is the marathon of Journalism.

They in this case is me, and some other journalists I guess, they are selling T-shirts with that on it at the Main Press Centre.

If that is the case, then the last three days have been that final kick in the last straight.

Each of the last three days has been a marathon within a marathon.

Yesterday I was assigned to cover the women's bronze medal game in Coventry.

The day started with a 15 minute walk to the train station, catching a train to Coventry that takes about 65 minutes, shuttle to the Stadium, about 30 minutes and ten minute walk to the media gate. 

Yahoo! We win!

Team Canada celebrates the winning goal as Canada wins the bronze medal beating  France 1-0 inthe bronze medal soccer match.

The discussion amongst photographers became wether or not to cover the medal ceremony at 10 pm at Wembley Stadium.

During this discussion we learn that Tonya Verbeek will be wrestling for Gold at 7:03 pm. 

It's just after 4 pm when I decide to try to make it. I have less than three hours to get to the ExCel Center where the wrestling is.

ExCel is about a 40 minute shuttle from my starting point in the morning.

A quick pack up and I'm at the shuttle in five minutes, five minutes later it leaves.

I make the train station a minute before a 4:51pm train to London. The train is scheduled to arrive in London at 5:54 pm, giving me six minutes to get to a shuttle that leaves on the hour.

The train will be late, dashing the dream of dashing to the media hub for the shuttle.

Plan B?

Asking fellow passengers for advice, I decide on the tube and the DLR, which for some reason always comes out as DSLR when I talk to people.

A run down to the subway platform just as the train arrives, four stops and I make the platform for the DLR with two minutes to spare for the train to the ExCel.

All that is left is a long walk and clear security. I made it in time for Verbeek's match.

She loses but still wins the silver.

Tonya Verbeek looks for an opening on Japan's Saori Yoshida. Verbeek wins the silver after she lost the gold medal match against Saori Yoshida. 

Next is the medal ceremony, I blast out and file while waiting for the shuttle.

I take a bus to the main press centre and then a bus to Wembley arrives at 9:35 pm and as soon as I get off I hear the crowd going crazy, The game is over.

I still have to figure out how to get out to the field.

Several wrong turns and I stumble onto the field. I'm in the last row of photographers, but I made it.

The Canadian Women's Soccer Team becomes the first Canadian team to medal at the Olympics since 1936 with the bronze medal.

 In the past three days I have covered five Canadian medals and some Canadian heartbreak.

 Here are a few more from the past three days.

Women's Soccer - BRONZE

Christine Sinclair celebrates with Erin MacLeod as Canada wins the bronze medal beating  France 1-0 inthe bronze medal soccer match.

Erin MacLeod makes a stop in front of Canada's Sophie Schmidt and Eugenie de Sommer.

Kaylyn Kyle gets head and hair on the ball in front of Camille Abily. 

Diana Matheson, celebrates as Canada wins the bronze medal beating France 1-0 in the bronze medal soccer match, she scored the winner.

Tonya Verbeek - Wrestling - SILVER

Tonya Verbeek looks for an opening on Japan's Saori Yoshida. 

Tonya Verbeek wins the silver after she lost the gold medal match against a celebrating Saori Yoshida.

Tonya Verbeek wins the silver.

Adam Van Koeverden - Kayak 1000m - SILVER

Adam Van Koeverden puts on the brakes after winning the silver  in the 1000 metre kayak.

Adam Van Koeverden looking good in silver.

Mark Oldershaw - 1000m Canoe - BRONZE

Mark Oldershaw enjoys the bronze medal around his neck from the 1000 canoe at Eton Dorney.

Mark Oldershaw waits for his golf cart to leave the medal area after winning the bronze in the 1000 metre canoe event at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Carol Huynh - Wrestling - BRONZE

Carol Huynh loses her semi-final match against Hitomi Obara, Huynh would fight for the bronze.

Carol Huynh takes down he opponent to win the bronze medal match against Isabelle Sambou from Senegal.

Carol Huynh waves to her mother after she wins the bronze medal match against Isabelle Sambou from Senegal.

Simon Whitfield - triathlon - CRASHED

Simon Whitfield exits the water from the swim, he would withdraw from the race after a crash during the first cycling lap.

Simon Whitfield's wife consoles their two daughters after he crashed.

Alexandre Despatie - 3m Springboard - ELEVENTH

Alexandre Despatie prepares to dive, he would finish 11th on the three metre springboard.

Alexandre Despatie dives, I think he took a little too much heat for his performance. If you look closely at his hairline you can see the extent of the injury he suffered two months ago on the three metre springboard, hang on, here it is closer.......

Alexandre Despatie dives, if you look closely at his hairline you can see the extent of the injury he suffered two months ago. I'm amazed he even competed at the Games.











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