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Doug's Hoop dreams



Councillor Doug Ford involves one of the kids in the TV interview while others watch from behind. The weekly practice was interrupted by the presence of the media.


Rick Madonik, Staff Photographer - @RMadonik


Toronto City Concillor Doug Ford has launched The Rexdale Raiders, a basketball team from an after school program in north Etobicoke. Unlike his baby brother, Mayor Rob Ford, Doug doesn't actually "coach" the team but is hands on as a volunteer who helps supervise the kids involved in the activity. Volunteer coach Jason Vescio gets help from Ford, as well as another volunteer, Amin Massouid.

Today, councillor Ford helped to distribute reversible uniforms Ford has provided for the team.


City Councillor Doug Ford gives Dejhon Marlin, 9, unauthorized help at the tip off.


City Councillor Doug Ford hands out reversible uniform tops at an after school program at an Etobicoke gymnasium.


Kids try to swap tops with others to get their preferred number.


Ford helps one of the kids slip into the white side of his reversible uniform.


Doug Ford and volunteer Amin Massouid, 24 (back left) as the kids wear their new uniforms.


Doug Ford using some unorthodox defence against Dejhon Marlin, 9.


 Doug Ford supervising kids at an after school program.


Doug Ford has a word with coach Jason Vescio.


Ford plays a little defence before the scrimmage.


 Doug Ford at an after school program at an Etobicoke gymnasium.


Ford gives one of the youngsters some instructions.


Ford spins the balls on his finger.


TPS PC's Amar Khan (left) and partner Dennis Rozman, stop by the gym. Doug Ford had the kids come over to say hello to the officers.


Ford speaks with mother Caveina Nelson, who was watching the kids play.


 Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford during an after school program at an Etobicoke gymnasium.


Doug Ford makes sure all the kids get something from the package provided by Toronto Raptors.


Doug Ford collects a number of balls from the corner of the gym.


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