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Toronto Fashion Week Day 4

Bernard Weil @bernardweil

Keith Beaty @KeithBeaty

While Keith spent the day shooting runway action, I spent most of the time backstage being a fly on the wall, documenting what goes on behind the scenes. It's organized chaos back there, with each model being catered to by an army of makeup artists, stylists and volunteers.

Here's a look at some of the action below including a video of Arthur Mendonca's show.


BERNARD WEIL - Male model and jewellry designer Myles Sexton, left, and Ryan Turner showed up to watch the shows dressed in wearable art. 



BERNARD WEIL - A model has makeup applied.



BERNARD WEIL - Makeup artists apply their craft under glaring lights. 



BERNARD WEIL - Other models wait their turn for makeup.



BERNARD WEIL - Behind the runway, models wait in line seconds before the start of the Rachel Sin show.



BERNARD WEIL - Designer Arthur Mendonca is greeted by friends. Racks of clothing custom fit to each models hang in the foreground.



BERNARD WEIL - A security guard keeps watch over the crowd during the Triarchy show.



BERNARD WEIL - A model walks past the crowd at the Rachel Sin show.



BERNARD WEIL - Outside the tent, crowds gather to watch scantily clad models strut their stuff in the Triarchy show.



BERNARD WEIL - Pounding music captured the attention of pedestrians walking past the large fashion tent at Pecault Square.



BERNARD WEIL - A model starts down the runway (left) while another heads backstage.



BERNARD WEIL - Heading into the change room behind the stage, a model start undressing just steps off the runway. Clothing changes have to be quick.



KEITH BEATY - Metallics and vibrant colours were the focus of Arthur Mendonca's show.



KEITH BEATY - Textured fabrics highlighted the Soia & Kyo show.



KEITH BEATY - Guests pay close attention to an outfit in the Traiarchy show.


Here's a video of A Minute with Arthur Mendonca. 







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